Kodi vs Gotham: What’s The Difference?

kodi vs gotham
kodi vs gotham

Kodi is one of the most stable media players that is available for all the different sorts of platforms.

It has tons of advantages to it, like streaming the online media, accessing live TV channels, and sharing the media files across all the devices that you have connected on the same network.

This way, you can have a simple and seamless multimedia experience for streaming those web series, TV serials and a lot more.

With Kodi, there are tons of versions online. One of the best things about Kodi is that it is open-source so anyone can make it look like, or have the right features that they want to embedded with it for their use.

That has made an abundance of Kodi versions over the internet, each with its own pros and cons. If you are looking to compare the Kodi OG version with Gotham that is the v13.

You need to understand one basic difference that Gotham is an extended version of Kodi and not something totally separates from it. Yet, there are some basic differences, and here is a brief account on the comparison.

Kodi vs Gotham


Kodi being the original version from the developers have the right edge of stability. There are fewer chances of it developing any issue or error for you that will cause you to hinder the experience while using the Kodi.

Not only that, but it gets regular updates as well, and any problem is pretty easily solvable on the original version of Kodi. In addition to all that, it is pretty stable and there are no notable bugs on it as well. It will not crash on you while you are streaming and that way, you will be getting an overall smooth experience with your streaming.

No matter what sorts of needs you might have, Kodi will get it going perfectly for you without any hiccups at all on all the platforms that you are using.

Yet, there are certain improved features and enhancements that you will have to compromise on while using the Kodi instead of an upgraded version. This is not something big of a problem if you are after the stability and the right experience on your devices.

Yet, if you are looking to get something extraordinary for yourself and don’t mind a bit of hassle to get that done, you should definitely be considering the newer versions of Kodi such as Gotham.


Gotham, also known as v13 of the Kodi player is inspired by the DC comics Gotham. Of course, we all love the fables of Gotham and batman, and with the dark skin like that, it can truly enhance the graphical parts on the device that you are using.

Gotham is highly inspired with the comics, and that is why it is not only named after the city but has a lot more to it. It is fast, agile and high performing as you can expect it to be. Gotham got the best performance, fast loading speeds and enhanced edge of those features that you love about Kodi.

Speaking of the features, it has basic improvements on the GUI support for better 3D playback across all the devices that you might be using. This will help you get the right experience with those HD and 3D videos as well.

For Android devices, it got Android hardware video decoding as well, that allows most of the android devices to allow HD playback to the best of their screen capabilities. This is something totally new, and welcomed by the mobile users most as they get to enjoy some of the best performance from their hardware.

Moving forward, there are also some improved features with the personalization like episode bookmarks for those who like to binge-watch and don’t want to go through selecting the episodes all over again each time they start.

There is also another cool feature that allows you to categorize the movies based on their duration or niche. This way, you will be able to enjoy a better-personalized experience with all the media content that you have stored on your devices or even with the online streaming that you can do over different platforms.

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