Kodi Picture In Picture Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

kodi picture in picture
kodi picture in picture

If you enjoy watching different shows and movies on your cable service. Then you should know how annoying it can be to wait for the time these shows air. Aside from this, if you are busy at that moment then you will miss the movie or show. This is why many companies have started to provide streaming platforms that you can use to watch all the seasons while having an internet connection.

You can even download some of these to watch them later on. Aside from this Kodi is another platform similar to these which you can use for your streaming. Some people have asked questions about using the picture in picture on Kodi. If you are also having this issue then this article should be able to help you in fixing it.

Kodi Picture In Picture

  1. Use Multi-Tasking

Kodi does not provide its users with the option to perform picture in picture mode. This can be quite annoying for some people but you should note that there are some alternative ways that you can use this. For most users, their devices should support using multi-tasking. This feature can be used to view applications at the same time and even control them.

Considering this, the multi-tasking feature can be used instead of picture in picture mode for the same purpose. This is quite easy to do and if you are still unsure about it then you can also watch tutorials on the internet. These should help you out in setting up the feature for your device. Keep in mind that the process differs for all the devices so search for your specific model while you are looking for the guide.

  1. Pop-out Application

If your application does not support the multi-tasking feature yet then you can use pop-out instead. This allows users to pop their video applications in a small cut-out. Which can then move across your screen and set it up at your desired location.

You can then continue to watch shows while you are using other apps. Usually, there is a small button that you need to click on the player to use this service. This should be drawn as two small windows. If you are still unsure then you can try pressing all the buttons on your player’s menu.

  1. Use Add-ons

If you have a fast internet connection then there quite a lot of add-ons online that you can put on your application. These should then allow you to use picture in picture on your device. You can also search for them on forums for Kodi. Many users have been using these to use two windows of Kodi at the same time. Although, you should note that there are many scams out on the internet.

Considering this, make sure that you download the add-on from a reliable website. This will help you in using it without catching any viruses. Lastly, the company is still improving its software, so they might eventually put the feature on for everyone with time.

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