Kodi Error: Unable To Create Application Exiting (3 Fixes)

kodi error unable to create application exiting
kodi error unable to create application exiting

Kodi is an amazing application that users can use to stream different shows and movies for them. The application is extremely easy to set up and only requires a few things. One of this is having a stable internet connection so that your videos don’t buffer while you are watching them. Secondly, users have to first make their accounts and subscribe to packages

If they want additional features. You can go through all of these from the official website of this company. While this might be a great streaming platform, some users have reported getting the error ‘Unable to create application exiting’ while using Kodi. If this happens then this article should help you out in troubleshooting this problem.

Kodi Error: Unable To Create Application. Exiting

  1. Re-Install Application

Mostly this problem happens if there are corrupt files in your directory. This usually happens when there might be an interruption while downloading the software. You might be using a Wi-Fi connection which can often fluctuate causing this problem. Whatever the case might be, we recommend that you re-install the application.

This should delete all the previous files and then replace them, fixing the issue. Start by uninstalling the application from your device and then install the latest version. The update should also fix any issues that the streaming software had. After the re-installation ends, you can then reboot your system. This will help in replacing all the old files, you should now be able to use Kodi without any problems.

  1. Manually Replace Files

If the error persists then your application might be having problems trying to replace all these files automatically. In this case, you should manually replace all the logs and directory files for your Kodi software. It is important that you first rename the folder Kodi from your directory before you start this process.

You can then move these files slowly onto your new folder and test which one had the issue. Most users have reported that the ‘userdata’ files were causing this problem. This is why you should first take out these and check your application.

If it is now working fine then you can start using the software. However, if it does not then you can proceed with the process. You should keep in mind that some of your addons might get deleted and you will have to add them again on your own.

  1. Check Log Files

Lastly, there can be several reasons for getting this error message aside from the user files. To check this, you can open up the log files for Kodi. These contain all the error messages and going through them can help you identify the problem.

If there is any problem with your account then try to remove it and then add it back. Aside from this, some people might find it hard to read through these log files. In this case, you can send a copy of these to the customer support team so that they can help you out.

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