Kodi: Adjust Display Refresh Rate (What Does It Do)

kodi adjust display refresh rate
kodi adjust display refresh rate

Kodi is a streaming software that you can use on your system or devices to watch movies and shows. The process to download it and then create your account is really simple. You are then provided with a list of shows that you can select from depending on your package.

The great thing about this software is that you can also add more shows that you might like on it without any problems. This allows users to expand their library according to their likings. One thing to note is that there might be some limitations on your software. These are according to which service you are subscribed to.

Kodi: Adjust Display Refresh Rate

There are many features that you can get from Kodi and all of them are amazing. You can also change some of these services through the settings on your device. Considering this, you might be unsure about some of the features that this service provides.

One specific option that many users ask questions about is the ‘adjust display refresh rate’ on Kodi. Before you start using this feature, you must understand how it works. This is because knowing about a feature ensures that you won’t get any problems with your software.

What Does It Do?

The ‘Adjust Display Refresh Rate’ button switches the overall output refresh rate of your files while you are using them. This is switched between different ranges of refresh rates that both your monitor as well as the application can handle. Which ends up making the streams look smooth in some cases. If you leave the feature disabled then your videos will all be at a fixed rate which is usually 30 or 60hz. You can check this through the setting on your device.

Additionally, you can even change the refresh rate for your application through these. But note that the settings will be fixed at a certain point if you keep the feature disabled. On the other hand, if your monitor supports all the different types of refresh rates then these will all be automatically switched according to what files you are playing. This makes the videos look perfect and synched up.

Should You Use It?

The answer for this usually depends on what monitor you might have and what type of files you want to watch on the platform. Setting up the files correctly should allow most users to get smooth playback on their devices. Although, it can alternatively make the files out of sync in some cases as well. If you are unsure about using the feature then there is no disadvantage in trying it out.

If you enjoy the playback then you can decide to keep it on. Lastly, you should note that there are some additional files and settings that you might have to change to make this feature work optimally. Considering this, you can follow different guides given on the internet and follow them through to avoid any problems with Kodi. You can also try asking or searching for an article about this feature on Kodi’s forums.

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