How To Fix Kodi Volume Mute Issue?

kodi volume mute
kodi volume mute

Kodi is a streaming platform that you can download on your devices. This then requires users to create an account. You can then watch any show or movie that you want to from the application by purchasing a subscription package for the software. You can use this software on most devices which include gaming consoles and even smart TV sticks that you can use on your televisions.

There are tons of options for the users and you can easily find all the information about them on the app. Aside from this, you are provided with tons of features so that you can comfortably use Kodi. These might vary depending on your feature but even the smaller packages have great services equipped with them.

Kodi Volume Mute

While watching a movie or show on your Kodi software. Users might sometimes notice that there is a volume mute button on their screen. This is one the top right corner and should be colored red. This can either mute the shows that you are watching or may only mute the system sounds of your device.

This usually happens when you accidentally hit the mute button on your device. Alternatively, it might be an error from the backend. Whatever the case might be, the first thing that you should check when you notice this is if your television’s audio is not muted. If it isn’t then the problem is with your device instead.

How to Fix This?

Most remote controllers that users have should have an ‘F8’ button on them. If yours does as well then pressing this button unmutes the audio for your device. You can easily click on this to fix your problem. However, many users might not have this on their remotes. If that is the case, then you can try to attack a keyboard with your device. These have the ‘F8’ button on them and you can additionally use the ‘F9 and F10’ to increase the audio or lower it for your device.

If you have a wireless keyboard then it can also be used to control your device from a distance. These act as remotes for the Kodi software. Aside from this if you do not have a spare keyboard lying around then you can change the mute option from the settings instead. To do so, play some videos on your device. You can then open up the settings while you are watching the video and proceed to the audio and subtitle settings. Browse through them a little to find the option to adjust your device’s audio.

Increasing them should be able to unmute your device and you can proceed with watching shows without any problem. Although, if the problem persists then you can contact the support team for Kodi instead. This is because if the problem is from your device or the backend then the company can provide you with a fix. Alternatively, you can also try rebooting your device to refresh its memory. Though, keep your device switched off for some minutes before you switch it back on.

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