Kodi Not Compatible With Your Device: 5 Fixes

kodi not compatible with your device
kodi not compatible with your device

Kodi is open-source software for people who need to manage the content. For the users’ ease of use, the Kodi app is available on Google Play Store, so they can download it on the phone and use it as they like.

However, users are complaining about the “Kodi not compatible with your device” error. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious because we have the troubleshooting methods to help you out!

Kodi Not Compatible With Your Device

1) Python Version

When this error occurs on the mobile, whenever you try to download the Kodi app, it might be because the operating system version of the phone doesn’t support the Kodi. For instance, the Kodi version 19.0 has a variety of improvements, but it isn’t supported by Python 2.7 anymore. If that’s the case, you have to wait for developers to update the software development for Kodi to work.

2) Android Version

The Android version plays an important role in optimizing the performance and compatibility of Kodi. That being said, if the device has an older Android version, it will not support Kodi. We suggest that you sideload Kodi while you update the Android version. If you are using the cable box for downloading Kodi app on the smart TV, you will need to update the cable box.

We suggest that you use the latest version of Android to ensure Kodi is compatible and works properly. In particular, if you are trying to download the Kodi version 17, you will need to use a minimum Android 5.0 version.

3) Kodi Forks

If updating the Android version didn’t work, you can try opting for Kodi forks. This is because Kodi forks will provide much better functionality. For instance, you can use Ftmc since it has a higher capacity for Kodi to work.

4) Firmware

In some cases, Kodi incompatibility will occur due to firmware issues. It doesn’t matter which device you are using Kodi on; you have to use the right firmware. One might believe that firmware doesn’t matter, but it can influence the compatibility or functionality of Kodi on the device. That being said, you could try using another firmware as compared to the firmware that you are currently using. The users can look for the firmware from Freaktap.

5) Cache

The cache plays an important role in optimizing the functionality of the app. That being said, if the incompatibility error is appearing while you are trying to use the Kodi app from Google Play Store, you have to delete the cache. We suggest that you clear the cache of the Google Play Store. Once you have deleted the cache, you can also clear the data of Google Play Store.

Once you’ve deleted the cache and data, just restart the Google Play Store. When you reopen the Google Play Store, install the Kodi app again, and you won’t have that error. Keep in mind that clearing the cache and data will clear out the corrupt files that might be hindering the downloading and installation of the app.

These troubleshooting methods should fix the issue for sure. On the contrary, if the compatibility error is still there, you have to call Kodi customer support!

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