Kodi Not Associated With Amazon Account: 3 Fixes

kodi not associated with amazon account
kodi not associated with amazon account

Kodi is one of the best streaming platforms that you can use.  Aside from this, there are many different features that you are given access to on it. This includes using the DVR services through which you can record shows and movies of your liking on the Kodi application. You can then watch these whenever you want to and have the option to either pause or forwards them.

You can also link your other streaming accounts to Kodi so their libraries can be shared. This includes Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, and other similar platforms. Although, recently some Kodi users have reported that they have been getting the error message ‘not associated with amazon account’ when trying to link their accounts. If this happens to you as well, then here are some simple ways to get rid of it.

Kodi Not Associated With Amazon Account

  1. Update Fire Stick

If you are someone who is trying to link these devices for the first time then you should note that Amazon did not originally allow their members to connect their accounts with the Kodi application. This feature has just come out recently. So, this means that if you getting this problem, then the most likely reason for it is that your Amazon fire stick is outdated.

The company has launched a new update for the device since the latest news. This fixes many problems with the devices as well as gives users the access to connect their Kodi account with Amazon prime.

You can easily download the new update by connecting your device to a television and then establishing a connection with the internet. You can then install the patch files on it and wait for some time. This should fix the problem that you are getting.

  1. Credit Card Not Added

Users should keep in mind that Amazon prime requires people to have their credit card numbers added to their accounts. You can then enjoy their services and features to the extent. Although, if you have removed your card number after the recent payment, then your shows will work just fine. However, the rest of the features that you previously had will start to cause problems.

This can be quite annoying to deal with and the only way to get rid of it is by adding your credit card again. Amazon is a trusted site and you should not worry about your account getting hacked, though that is only if you decide not to share your account with anyone.

  1. Clear Amazon’s Cache Data

Lastly, you can try to clear up Amazon’s cache files. These can be viewed by going to the application’s tab on the fire stick and selecting Amazon prime. You can proceed to open up its properties and locate the clear cache files option.

Click on it and select confirm to erase all the data. Remember that you will be logged out of your account if you do this. But you can easily sign back in and start enjoying both Kodi and Amazon through the same device.

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