3 Ways To Fix Kodi File Manager Missing Issue

kodi file manager missing
kodi file manager missing

Kodi is a streaming service that you can download and install on your devices. You can then create your account and browse through the store provided on Kodi’s application. This usually contains all the information that you require about the specific packages for this streaming platform. There is quite a list of channels that you can choose between.

Additionally, users who want to watch more shows can even request for them using the video-on-demand feature. This allows you to choose a channel of your liking that you want to be added to your library.

Aside from this, you might sometimes run into a problem with this application. One common problem that Kodi users report about getting is the ‘File manager missing’. In case you also get this error, here is how you can troubleshoot.

Kodi File Manager Missing

  1. Check System

The first thing that you can do is check the system file on your Kodi device’s main menu. This can be done either through your remote controller or by pressing the buttons on your device. People using this application for some time know that the file manager used to be on the main menu. Considering this, you might wonder why it is now on in the system files.

This is because with the recent update Kodi has decided to move the location of their files. This has made the layout look cleaner and easier to go through. If you are currently running the new update files then this should help you in finding the file manager.

  1. Open Settings

If you are still unable to find the file manager in your system files. Then it is important to note that there have been several updates recently. The latest update moved the file manager to the system folder. Although, if you are running a slightly previous update then the file manager should be in your settings.

You can open them either through the remote. It is labeled with the settings button, but if your use a keyboard or mouse to control the panel. Then you can open up the folder that is drawn like a flower. This should open up the setting on your device, you can then browse through these files to find your file manager.

  1. Contact Customer Support

Sometimes the user might not be able to find their file manager even after searching the settings and system files. If this happens then you might have accidentally hidden the file or deleted it. Alternatively, one other reason can be that the folder got hidden from the backend. This might have been a mistake but whatever the case is. You should contact

Kodi online or make a call to them. Their helpline is usually live 24/7, so feel free to contact them whenever you want to. Make sure that you give them detailed info about your issue so that they can help you in restoring the file manager. If it got deleted then the company might also be able to recover any files that you had unfortunately lost.

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