Kanvas Camera vs Native Camera: Which One Is Better?

kanvas camera vs native camera
kanvas camera vs native camera

Verizon Media is simply a thing beyond comparison as the level of service, the features, and all the other stuff that is available on this one is impeccable and you can never get all that in one place on any other similar service. Moving forward, you get the Messages+ application compatibility with Verizon Media, allowing you to store, backup, restore, and organize all the data and multimedia from your messages directly and in a safe manner.

Now, with all the basic and cool features with the Verizon Media app, there is also an addition that you can get known as Kanvas camera. This is basically a photo editing app but has tons of features to the app that make it a perfect choice for you to have. You can choose from Kanvas Camera app or Native camera app for having the edge of photo editing and all that stuff for the artist hidden in you. So, if you are looking for a comparison behind both the applications and are confused about which one to choose, here are some important things that you need to know and they will help you with the decision making effectively.

Kanvas Camera vs Native Camera

Kanvas Camera

Kanvas is the app that you might get with the latest update of Verizon Media and it is perfectly optimized and embedded with all the features of the Verizon Media application, making it a perfectly easy job for you to add, enhance or edit the photos that you might have on your phone. The interface for Kanvas Camera is highly influenced by Instagram and it comes with great social media features allowing you to upload your photos straight to the most popular social media platforms with a single tap. With all being said, this is a fun and super-easy to use application that will certainly add lots to your photo editing experience.

Moving forward to the features, it is basically an app that provides you with a blank “Canvas” that you can use to fill up with all the creativity and artistic colors that you might have in your mind. To make it simpler for you to understand, the application basically allows you to create drawings and GIFS that you can use to share them over FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Verizon Messages+ indeed. Moreover, you can also create these images and GIFS using an existing image in the library. The best thing is that that you cannot only use all these in messages but in comments as well.

The application also allows online backup and you can save all the content on your cloud as well. You have a great privacy option as well allowing you to select for your eyes-only option on the selected media and no one except you will be able to access that media ever. The application is pretty much great as editing applications go but the basic thing that you will miss is that it only has presets and lacks the basic features that you might need to adjust the photos as you wish.

Native Camera

Native Camera is another cool application that is quite similar, but a bit different as well. While the Kanvas Camera application is mainly focused on editing, creating GIFS, and sharing them over social media networks and other messaging applications, Native Camera focuses more on taking pictures, recording a video, and use them for any kind of communication you might want to.

The application works out flawlessly with Verizon Media and some people would still prefer it, although it is not being installed with the latest release on their phones. Native Camera does not have many editing features on it, but it allows you a lot of controls on the camera of your smartphone and you can use the app efficiently to take better photos and record exciting videos. You can control lighting, aperture, focus, and a whole more on the camera that would make the shooting experience on your phone much more fun and you are going to love using the app for everyday usage. Not only that, but it also has some cool backup options and you can get this application for both Android and iOS, unlike Kanvas Camera that is for Android only.

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