Is 768 kbps Fast Enough For Netflix?

is 768 kbps fast enough for netflix
is 768 kbps fast enough for netflix

Netflix has grown to be arguably the largest streaming platform online. They are not only streaming some of those content-like movies and documentaries from others, but they got their own production house as well and having those Netflix exclusive content has gained them millions of subscribers that are growing in number each day.

Is 768 kbps Fast Enough For Netflix?

All that makes you question if Netflix might be a good fit for you and how much internet speed you will require to get it working flawlessly for you without having to face some buffering issues or other problems. A few things that you need to know about it are:


Netflix content is available in different resolutions ranging from HD (720p) to 4K. There is nothing below HD of course to ensure the quality of streaming experience and there are not many complaints about it either.

When people are streaming for entertainment, they would like to have the best possible resolutions for them. That is why, subscribers pay more to get the premium subscription with the 4K resolution perks.

Now, all that sounds pretty interesting, but the higher resolution you are streaming on, the more internet speed you are going to need. To understand it in a better way, here are a few things that you will need to know about.

Streaming Bitrates

The streaming bitrade is directly proportional to the resolution that you are streaming at. That means, the more resolution you have, the more speed you are going to need on your internet connection.

The lowest, 720p starts with 3000 kbps and that is quite a lot. That means, if you want to stream Netflix on 720p resolution without having to face any sorts of problems, or go through those buffering intervals with your streaming, you will need to have at least a 3Mbps speed of internet on your connection.

Now, an interesting part is that even if you have a 3Mbps internet connection, that might not be enough because there are other applications that might be using the internet speed and bandwidth off your internet connection.

Be mindful that the 3000 kbps is required by the Netflix only to stream 720p HD video for you without buffering. The higher you go, the more speed you are going to need. For instance, if you want to run Netflix on 4k, you are going to need at least 8000 kbps and the more speed you have, the better it would be.


Now, keeping the comparison in mind, 768 kbps is not nearly enough to get the Netflix going. You will have to face a lot of issues like buffering, Netflix app not working properly and a lot more.

It is recommended that you get an appropriate connection, or have your plan updated to at least 8Mbps if you are looking to make it work for Netflix.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your devices will consume higher bandwidth if you plan on streaming Netflix so an unlimited bandwidth connection would be a wise call.

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