Internet Slow Due To Weather (9 Ways To Fix)

internet slow due to weather
internet slow due to weather

In the scorching summer, everyone loves a little wind and rain as it breaks the high-degree heatwave. But this wind and rain can cause disruptions in the internet speed. For instance, you might have plans to watch your favorite movie in the rainy weather but the internet is too slow to stream the movie. Weather can directly impact the internet speed.

Be it wear and tear of the wires or server malfunction, the weather has multiple ways to jeopardize the internet speed. If you’ve been facing a similar issue, this article will help you improve the internet speed during bad weather conditions. We have listed down multiple methods that will eventually help improve the internet speed. Have a look!

Internet Slow Due To Weather (Solved)

1) Reset

Well, this is the first instinct of everyone to reset the router and refresh the computer. Turning off the router for some time can increase the internet connection speed for sure. While you are resetting the router, turn off the computer as well. Keep everything switched off for thirty seconds and then, switch them on. This is highly likely to regain fast internet speed.

2) Frequency Interruptions

Our homes and offices are full of devices, and for automated functionality, wireless devices are being used exponentially. If you’re using the wireless router and there are other machines around it, such as an air conditioner, juicer, and refrigerator, it can disrupt the signal frequency. So, you can unplug these extra devices and see if the problem is fixed.

3) The Right Frequency Settings

When it comes down to internet signal frequency, there are multiple bandwidths available. This variation in bandwidth can pose a serious impact on internet speed. It is advised to use the 2.4GHz frequency instead of 5GHz because it positively impacts the internet speed and connectivity.

4) Cables

Obviously, the network infrastructure is created through cables. Well, the problem is that harsh winds and heavy rains can wear and tear these cables that also shuts down the internet signals. So, you need to ensure that you are using high-quality cables. Our preferred choice is using ethernet cables because they not only transmit high-speed internet signals but can withstand the weather impacts as well.

5) WiFi Router

Now, this is the integral component because that’s the point from where you get the internet signals. If your area has multiple weather fluctuations regularly, you need to opt for a strong WiFi router. A strong router makes sure to extract top-notch signals and transmit them to your devices. Thus, there will be zero impact of weather on your internet speed.

6) Bypassing

As we have already mentioned that routers are the most integral component of the internet infrastructure, they can lose some speed as well. This is because routers have to direct the internet signals between different devices that can lose some signals. However, you can bypass the router and direct the internet signals more efficiently and effectively.

For bypassing, take out the ethernet cable from the router and plug it in the computer device directly. Also, you need to switch off the router, so your computer remains connected to the wired internet.

7) ISP

The cheap internet service might sound alluring at first but once you start using the internet, you’ll regret making such a decision. In acting-out weather, the cheap internet service will literally stoop down. So, to ensure that your internet remains uninterrupted, always choose the top-notch internet service provider.

8) Clear Cache

The extensive history and unused files in the computer system can slow down the internet speed. When the internet speed is already low, the winds and rains will shut down the internet signals completely. It is advised to clear the browser cache and app cache from your system and you’ll see internet signals pouring back in. Even more, you need to keep the apps updated because it fixes the bugs. All these steps will help reduce the weather impact and fasten up the internet speed.

9) Use VPNs

Good weather motivates everyone to take a day off and enjoy the weather. This also means that internet consumption will increase, leading to slow signal strength. So, you can use the VPN services and it will connect you to less crowded servers, thus posing a positive impact on internet speed!

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