Insignia Tablet Stuck On Boot Screen: 3 Fixes

insignia tablet stuck on boot screen
insignia tablet stuck on boot screen

Insignia is not only the best brand that you can get out there to have your hands on something with bigger screens such as TVs, but they are also manufacturing some of the handy devices such as tablets.

Like their TVs, Insignia Tablets are a value product and not meant for heavy-duty applications. Yet, these tablets can get the basic tasks done in no time at all, and optimally you are not going to face many problems on these tablets either.

If you are using an Insignia tablet and it is stuck on the boot screen, that is really troublesome and here are a few things you can do to make it work.

Insignia Tablet Stuck On Boot Screen

1) Restart

If you are lucky enough, there is no reason to be worried about as this error can simply be caused due to some minor bug or error with loading the OS and you will be stuck with the boot screen coming up again and again.

For such instances, your first course of action would be to attempt a restart on your device. It is pretty simple and you just have to keep the power button of your Insignia Tablet pressed for 5-10 seconds.

That is going to help you out perfectly and you will not have to worry about a thing after that. The Insignia tablet will be loading the boot screen and your OS flawlessly after that.

2) Reset

If you are still stuck with the boot screen after a successful restart. Then there are chances that there might be something wrong with the OS that you are using and it might be corrupted, or there are a number of reasons that can cause you to face this problem.

To fix such problems, you will have to access the boot menu of your Insignia tablet and reset it to default settings for there. After that, you will need to connect a bootable USB with your Insignia Tablet that has the bootable disk burned for the OS that you are trying to load on your Insignia Tablet.

This will boot a new OS on your Insignia Tablet from scratch and afterwards, you will not have to face such problems like getting stuck with the boot screen or any other problems like that at all.

3) Get it Checked

If nothing like a reset or the restart has worked out for you, then you will have to make sure that you are taking the tablet to some Insignias warranty center. There might be something wrong on the boot menu that is causing you to have this error and it needs to be fixed optimally.

That is why, you cannot get this wrong. Trying to flash the tablet on your own will not only void your warrant but also cause permanent damage to your Insignia TV. That is why, you will have to ensure that you are taking it to an authorized Insignia Warranty center and they will be able to fix up the problem for you permanently so you won’t have to face such problems afterwards.

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