3 Ways To Fix Hulu Lagging On Chrome Issue

hulu lagging on chrome
hulu lagging on chrome

Hulu is an American video streaming platform. People who enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and channels can use this service in their homes. The only requirement is having a stable internet connection at your home. After which you can subscribe to a package provided by the company. There are multiple options to select from which will then provide you with additional features.

These include demanding videos that you can add to your library. Aside from this, the price for the subscription is also very low when compared to most other platforms. You can even get a free trial if you are interested in using the service. Though, some people have complained that there Hulu is lagging on Chrome. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some steps that should help you out.

Hulu Lagging On Chrome

  1. Disable Cache Files

Most browsers save cache files from the users to speed up the processing time for them. This allows you to work without having to wait through the load times. However, sometimes the files can get clogged up on the system which will require you to delete them manually. You can do this from the settings panel. Another way to get rid of this error is by resetting the browser.

This will also delete any cache files that were stored on it along with errors in configurations. Though, most people have reported that their issue comes back after some time even after this. Considering this, you might have to disable these cache files from getting stored on Hulu. This way the user will no longer have to keep deleting them again and again.

The easiest method of disabling these is by right-clicking on your Hulu tab. Now select inspect element from here to open up the dev tools provided by Chrome. You can go through these to find the ‘Network Tab’. Make sure that you do not change any files that you are unfamiliar with.

These can cause your application to give you further errors instead of solving the current one. Find the ‘Disable Cache; checkbox and tick it. You can then save your results by rebooting the program. Once done, you should now be able to use your Hulu without running into any further problems.

  1. Close Background Process

Sometimes people might be using a lot of applications on their system. Aside from this, you might have several tabs open on your browser. All of these consume bandwidth from your internet connection. Which will then slow down the speed of your network on all the devices. Considering this, you can close down the background programs on your system to speed up the process.

You should even check if anyone else in your house is downloading something or streaming videos. These will also slow down the speed for you. Once all the applications and tabs have been closed down, you should now be able to start using Hulu without the same error. People who do not want to go through this procedure from time to time can use the feature to set up priority for their device instead.

This is a service available on newer routers so yours might not have it. Although, you can purchase a new one from an electronic store nearby you. Go to the configurations of your router to access the priority option. You can then set your system on top of the list to ensure that it gets the best speeds from your internet at all times.

  1. Use Wired Connection

People who are using a Wi-Fi connection on their systems should note that these can also slow down the speed for the user. The signals coming to your device play a major role. Which can start to fluctuate at times and even get blocked by objects. This is why it is recommended that you remove anything that might be interfering with the signals for your router.

You can also change the position of your device to bring it closer. Although, the best method to fix this is by using a wired connection instead. You can easily route an ethernet cable from your router to your laptop. This will then allow you to access the connection without going through any configurations.

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