Is Mark As Watched Option Available On Hulu?

hulu mark as watched
hulu mark as watched

When you are spending money on a digital streamer, you would like your service provider to enrich all possible benefits. But, there’re some moments when you don’t get all of the perks you were expecting from your service providers.

In most cases, the quality is low, sometimes the video content is not available, but there was a rare case reported regarding Hulu that their video does not have marked as watched option. If this is the case, it can be hard for you to choose what you have watched and what you need to watch because hundreds of thousands of video content are available on Hulu.

Why Marking A Video Important?

Marking something as watched is so important that if you do not have this option, this will be a  big issue for you. No matter how good your memory is, there’ll be some video content that you will reopen even if you have watched it. It will lead you to waste your time, and most importantly, this thing will reduce your bandwidth for no reason.

If this is the case, then marking the video as watched is as important as trees are for birds. So, if you have the option that you can mark the video as watched, then this is going to make things easy for you while navigating through Hulu. Ironically, we have not witnessed any such report that Hulu is providing mark as a watched option.

Is It Possible To Mark Videos As Watched On Hulu In the Future?

So far, Hulu’s official statement will provide their customer with the mark as a watched option. But, for the past one year, there are various requests and petitions, and signatures by Hulu customers to let them mark the videos as watched. Thousands of Hulu customers have signed the petitions, and similarly, there are thousands of votes for allowing the customers to mark the video as watched.

These kinds of votes and petitions are supported by Hulu customer care, but until today there is no such sign that Hulu will allow its customers to mark the video as watched. No one knows about the future, but in this case, the future seems to be vague.

Is There Any Alternative To Mark The Video As Watched On Hulu?

Nothing in this world is impossible, and there are some solutions to the problems of this world. The same thing goes with the Hulu mark as a watched option.

The methods below might not be effective but at least can temporarily solve what you need.

The only way to mark the video as watched on Hulu is by playing the video for a few minutes and then turning it off. Or you may also skip the last few seconds of a video so that Hulu will show you that the video is incomplete.

But, by doing so, you will only be wasting your bandwidth, and this thing is something that no one is going to like. Bandwidth works for the internet the way engine oil works for a vehicle, and no one wants to lose it. If you are going to mark the video as watched this way, you will lose some of your bandwidth.

Why Does Hulu Not Provide Mark As Watched Option?

The solution to the question is quite simple. No one would like to spend time on something that he/she has already watched until and unless the person loves the video content so much. So, in the former case, when you are not going to watch the already watched video as you have marked it as watched, it will let you spend less time on Hulu, which Hulu is not going to like.

It is one of the most probable reasons why Hulu is not letting its customers mark the video as watched. If you want Hulu to let you mark a video as watched, then the best thing you can do is, sign a petition on Hulu official website, call the Hulu customer care center or upvote the request on the Hulu Community.


In the above-written draft, we have tried our best to let you know everything relevant to the title. Above you’ll find some of the most relevant information about marking as watched on Hulu. Give this article a good read and clear all of your confusion regarding marking as watched on Hulu.

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