6 Common HughesNet Email Problems

hughesnet email problems
hughesnet email problems

Wireless internet connections have become necessary for everyone as people are connected remotely. In professional settings, emails are the most preferred mode of communication. Many people use HughesNet as it’s a satellite internet connection and is perfect for professionals in a rural area who have limited options. However, many of these users have complained about email issues. In particular, the users have issues sending or receiving emails. So, if you are having issues sending or receiving emails, we have an array of solutions that can be tried!

HughesNet Email Problems

  1. Check The Internet Connection

First of all, you have to check the internet connection. This is because the slow internet is the primary reason behind the email issue. HughesNet is a satellite internet connection, which means its speed is already less than what you usually get from other wireless connections. That being said, we recommend that you check the internet connection’s speed, and if the download speed is less than 150Mbps, the email won’t work smoothly.

In case of a slow internet connection, it’s recommended that you reboot your connection as it helps refresh the signals. In addition to this, you must check the dish’s location to make sure there are wires or other obstructions around it because it can lead to signal disruption, hence the email issue. Once the network is rebooted, and the dish’s obstructions are removed, the internet speed will improve, and you will be able to send and/or receive emails.

  1. Remove & Re-Add The Email Account

If you have rebooted the internet connection but you are unable to send or receive the emails, there are chances of some configuration errors. That being said, we recommend that you sign out of the email account on the device and reboot the device which you are using for emails. Once the device turns on, use your email credentials to sign in again and try using the app.

In case you don’t know how to remove the email account, you’ve to open the settings, tap on the accounts & backup option, and click on the “manage accounts” option. Then, you’ve to select the email account that you want to remove and tap on the remove button (there might be a confirmation pop-up, so confirm the account removal). On the other hand, when you want to add the email account again, just open the manage accounts page and tap on “add email” to sign in again.

  1. SMTP

When it comes down to setting up the mail client, the users don’t pay attention to SMTP parameters because the wrong ones can hinder you from sending and receiving the emails. It can be challenging for beginners to set up the SMTP parameters, and since they differ from the internet service provider, it’s recommended that you reach out to HughesNet technical support team as they can help set up the parameters.

In addition to the parameters, you must check the SMTP server connection – the details should be correct. So, check the details and add the correct ones. Lastly, you must ensure that the SMTP server is functioning properly (it shouldn’t be down).

  1. Credentials

The incorrect email credentials could be a reason you are unable to access the email account. The login credentials of the email include the email address/username and password. We recommend that you sign out of the email account and enter the correct credentials again. Once you are signed into the account, you will be able to send and receive the emails.

  1. Port

When you have to send out the email and are unable to complete the process, you’ve to use the port – you must be connected to port 25. In most cases, the internet service providers tend to block the increasing traffic that’s passing through the high-traffic ports. So, if port 25 is not available, we recommend that you connect to 465 or 587.

  1. Security Settings

The last thing you can try is to manage the firewall and antivirus settings. In most cases, the emails aren’t sent because the outgoing server tends to conflict with the protection systems of the device. For this reason, we recommend that you turn off the firewall or antivirus on the device you are using to make sure there are no security conflicts.

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