3 Common T-Mobile LineLink Problems and Their Fixes

t-mobile linelink problems
t-mobile linelink problems

For everyone who wants an all-in-one network solution for their homes and offices, there is nothing better than T-Mobile LineLink. This is because it’s one device that allows the users to use one T-Mobile line with multiple home phone devices. It is integrated with the RJ-11 phone jack for connecting the regular phone devices, which is the prime reason it gained popularity among people who like to remain connected at all times. On the other hand, there are various T-Mobile LineLink problems that have become a sore point for thousands of users. So, to help you out, we are sharing the problems as well as the solutions.

T-Mobile LineLink Problems

1. Unable To Stream Audio And Video

There is nothing more challenging and frustrating than switching on your TV only to find out that the audio and video are not streaming on your devices. Before we start sharing the solutions, you need to determine how other devices connected with LineLink are working. This is because if they are streaming audio and video properly but your device isn’t you need to start by downloading and installing the latest software version. On the other hand, if the problem is the same on every device, you have to call T-Mobile or your internet service provider to fix the problem.

The second step to follow is to check the setup process. This is because if the device and account are not set up properly, it won’t be able to stream the content, audio, or video. In addition, the problem can incur if you skipped some steps of the setup process. As far as the solution is concerned, you will need to reset the device to start the setup process again. A reset is necessary as it deletes all the previous settings, and once they are deleted, you will be able to initiate the setup process again and get rid of the streaming issues.

2. Disruptions In Calls

In the start, we mentioned that LineLink connects all the home phone devices to one device, but if the calls have disruptions, there are high chances that something is wrong with the cables. In particular, you have to check the phone cable and ensure that it’s working properly (you must check for damages as well because damaged cables aren’t capacitated to send signals). In addition to this, you must inspect the phone cable and make sure it is properly plugged into the LineLink device as well as the home phone. Lastly, you could try taking out the phone cables and plugging them in again.

3. Internet Dropping

If you are using T-Mobile LineLink for connecting the internet-based devices and the internet signals keep dropping, you have to check the Ethernet cable. To begin with, you must ensure that an Ethernet cable is tightly and securely plugged into the LineLink device as well as the internet router. Keep in mind that Ethernet cables are subjected to damage over the course of time, and the only solution is replacing the cable. For the new cable, you have to visit the hardware store and choose a high-quality Ethernet cable to ensure the internet connectivity is optimized.

When it comes down to the internet issue, you should also take the speed test. To make sure that LineLink works properly, the download speed must be at least 2Mbps, the upload speed should be 2Mbps or more, and ping should be a maximum of 200ms. If there are issues with any of these speeds, you will have to get in touch with your internet service provider, and the provider will be able to increase the internet speed for better functionality.

The last solution is reconnecting the LineLink device to another port on your router. To illustrate, you have to disconnect the LineLink device from the current LAN port. After this, wait for a few minutes, and connect the LinkeLink device to a different LAN port on the router’s back. We are sure that it will help optimize the internet connection, and the home devices will work fine.

4. Call Customer Support

There are many other problems associated with T-Mobile LineLink that the users don’t even know right now. So, if your issues are different from the ones mentioned in this article, the only solution is to call T-Mobile customer support, and they will be able to help.

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