DirecTV HR44-500 vs HR44-700 – What’s The Difference?

hr44-500 vs hr44-700
hr44-500 vs hr44-700

When it comes to TV streaming services, DirecTV is known to offer some of the best services that you can get. Whether it be a product or a streaming subscription, they provide exceptional quality streaming options that you can get for your TV. However, a common comparison that we have seen users make regarding DirecTV devices is with the HR44-500 vs HR44-700. In case you have also been experiencing certain difficulties while trying to compare the two devices, then this article should help you get a better idea. Here is everything that you should know about both these devices in detail!

DirecTV HR44-500 vs HR44-700

Is There Really Any Difference Between These Devices?

When comparing these two DVR models, the first question that might pop up in your mind is exactly what’s so different about these two models in the first place? Surprisingly, the only big difference that you are likely to see in any of the HR-44 models is the manufacturer. To be more specific, the only difference between the HR44-500 and the HR44-700 is the manufacturer that made the model.

For instance, Humax made the HR44-500 model whereas the HR44-700 model was made by Pace. On paper, that shouldn’t really make that big of a difference on your actual experience.

Are Both Owned by DirecTV?

In case you were wondering whether coming from a different manufacturer means that they aren’t owned by the same DirecTV, then you shouldn’t confuse manufacturer with provider. Both the devices are actually owned by DirecTV, and there shouldn’t be any difference in the services. This means that you should be able to access all of the DirecTV services while using either one of the devices.

What Are the Device’s Highlighting Features?

As they are labeled as the same model and only have different manufacturers, both these devices are fully capable of recording 5 different recordings. On top of that, both these devices fully support Genie clients and come with an internal hard drive of 1TB. Unfortunately, neither of the devices supports 4K streaming as the HR44 model wasn’t designed to support ultra-high resolution video streaming. Still, you should be able to stream in Full-HD (1080p) without any issues.

User Experiences

Even though both the devices should have exactly the same features, there are still certain differences in build quality that can end up affecting experience to some extent. For instance, we have had various users run into various trouble with the hard drive when using the HR44-500. However, these issues seem to be had been fixed through a simple reboot. Still, it is important that you do go with the manufacturer that you find more reliable in your case.

But Which One Should You Get?

As already mentioned above, there really isn’t any noticeable difference between either of the two products. Even with the different manufacturers, the devices were designed to have the same set of features and a similar price tag.

So, there shouldn’t be any right decision when it comes to purchasing either one of them. The only thing that could affect your purchase is a personal preference. We strongly advise that you go with whatever model whose manufacturer you prefer more. Though it is worth mentioning that our recommendation would be to simply get the device on which you are getting a deal.

The Bottom Line

Comparing HR44-500 vs the HR44-700, the two devices belong to the same model category and come with the same set of features. As a matter of fact, it is even hard to tell that these devices are made by different manufacturers and shouldn’t have any noticeable differences.

So, on the debate of which one of the two devices you should get, it simply depends on which of the devices do you prefer more. This concludes our comparison of the two DirecTV DVR devices. For more, be sure to check out our other articles where we have compared all sorts of streaming devices!

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