Roku Express Plus 3710 vs 3910: What’s The Difference?

roku express plus 3710 vs 3910
roku express plus 3710 vs 3910

When we talk about quality and innovation, then Roku always firm in the market. Roku has been providing its customers with the best quality online streaming video content. Whether you own a smart TV or an Old TV, this small device can transform your TV into a video streaming heaven.

Today, we will be reviewing two different models of the Roku Express Plus device. We will let you know about their features, pros, and cons, and in the end, we will assist you in choosing the best out of the rest. Keep your eyes on the screen and grab all the information.

What is a Roku Express Plus?

Roku Express Plus is a small streaming device that lets its customers to stream quality video content with almost 500000+ videos available and thousands of amazing channels with some channels free of cost.

The device is like a flash drive that you can connect directly to your TV with a cable’s help. The device does not cost you so much and easy to get for your TV. You can enjoy Netflix, Amazon, and many other video streaming channels through Roku Express Plus.

Roku Express Plus 3710 vs 3910

Roku Express Plus 3710

Talking about Roku Express Plus 3710, it is one of the best models that Roku has ever produced. The Roku Express Plus 3710 has everything that a video streaming lover demands. First of all, the device comes up with 350000+ Video content to quickly get from 3500 both paid and unpaid channels.

The Roku Express Plus 3710 will work on any TV with HDMI or Composite cable connection, so you do not need to own a particular TV before getting Roku Express Plus 3710. The device is so light that it weighs no more than 0.4 and has dimensions of 3.1 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches.

Along with it, you need only one lithium polymer battery to operate Roku Express Plus 3710 with ease. The best thing about the Roku Express Plus 3710 is that it will convert your conventional TV into a smart TV with no more than $100 spent.

If you’re searching for a device that can let you access a lot of video content with access to Netflix and other such platforms, then Roku Express Plus 3710 is the thing you were looking for.

Roku Express Plus 3910

Roku Express Plus 3910 is something that you have been looking for to increase your video streaming experience. Like its family member Roku Express Plus 3710, the Roku Express Plus 3910 also can evolve you orthodox TV to a smart TV with no efforts placed.

The installation of this device is so easy that you only need to open the box, connect one side of the USB cable to your TV, and the other one to your Roku Express Plus 3910, and you are free to navigate in the world of video content. The device comes up with a remote to make navigation easy.

The device will entertain you with 1080 High-definition video quality. It has 500000+ videos and thousands of paid and unpaid channels. The device also has a composite cable that allows you to connect the device easily if you own an old TV.

This device has so many videos that you can watch it days in and out without getting bored. The Roku Express Plus 3910 weighs around 12ounces and comes up with a package dimension of 7.1 x 4.8 x 2.4 inches. It would be best if you put 2AAA batteries to operate Roku Express Plus 3910.

So, do not wait any more, grab your phone and order Roku Express Plus 3910 as soon as possible.

Final Remarks

Above, we have reviewed both Roku Express Plus 3710 and 3910. You can choose which so ever suits your taste. But, if it is about our opinion, then you must go for Roku Express Plus 3910. It has better HD streaming, more channels, and best among all because it owns some award-winning TV serials.


In the above draft, we have discussed in detail about the Roku Express Plus 3710 and 3910. Both of the devices are masterpieces of Roku. You will find everything about both of the devices in the article. Let us know if you need any help.

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