5 Ways To Turn Off Primetime Anytime

how to turn off primetime anytime
how to turn off primetime anytime

Primetime Anytime is one amazing platform and service for people who need entertainment and primetime content anytime. However, every Primetime Anytime user struggles with the switching off issues since it’s pretty difficult.

So, if you are a PTAT user and wondering how to turn off Primetime Anytime, you have come to the right place. That’s to say because we have added different methods for switching off the Primetime!

How To Turn Off Primetime Anytime

1) TV Settings

For everyone who is using Primetime on their TV, you can simply turn it off from the settings. With this being said, just open the menu and go to the settings app. Once the settings are open, scroll down to the DVR defaults. This will open a new window and you need to tap on primetime anytime. Consequently, click on the “do not enable” option and confirm the changes.


If you were not able to turn off the Primetime Anytime through the TV settings, we suggest that you opt for this method. In this method, just open the PTAT and click on the options button. This will open a new window through which you can click on settings. Lastly, just click on the “turn it off” button and you will be able to turn off Primetime Anytime.

3) Hopper

When you have to turn off the Primetime repetitively, we understand how it can get frustrating since it switches on by itself. With this being said, you can open the settings on the Hopper menu and tap on the DVR defaults. When you click on this option, it will bring up the Primetime Anytime logo and you need to select it. Consequently, it will take you to the disabled and enable options (you know what to choose, disable of course). In case you are trying to turn off Primetime Anytime through the hopper, you need to wait to turn it off during the day or after the PTAT has stopped running.

4) Turning Off The Recordings

In case you don’t want to turn off the Primetime Anytime but rather want to turn off the recordings anytime, we can help with that as well. in this case, just press the yellow key available on your remote control and hit key 5. After 5, press key 2. A new window will appear from which you need to highlight and select the disable option. Then, you need to save the settings for exiting the screen. This action will expire the recordings (the same sequence as that of recording was initiated). However, deleting the recordings is not possible.

5) Canceling The Primetime

For everyone who needs to cancel the Primetime Anytime rather than simply turning it off, you can cancel the subscription as well. In this case, just sign in to the account and switch to the “your account” option. From the menu, navigate to the “your prime membership” and click on the end membership option. This option is usually available on the left side and confirms the changes.

The bottom line is that Primetime Anytime allows the users to watch the primetime content and shows of FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC. So, it will help you optimize the entertainment.

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