2 Methods To Turn Off Audio Description On Xfinity

how to turn off audio description on xfinity
how to turn off audio description on xfinity

Watching movies, and streaming shows have become a very popular leisure activity among people nowadays. Xfinity provides its best service to its customers by offering a wide range of channels and apps for streaming their favorite shows and movies without buffering and lagging. Xfinity also offers its customers the to modify their screen settings such as audio-generated captions, languages, or audio descriptions. Some users may not be comfortable with the default audio-description settings. If you wish to know the steps on how to turn off the audio description on Xfinity, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

How To Turn Off Audio Description On Xfinity

Audio descriptions supplement the natural audio track of the show that you are watching on Xfinity. Their additional narrative describes the scene or setting by turning visual content into sound. Although some users might find it unnecessary to generate audio descriptions on their screens as it creates an extra nuisance that might be unsettling for some users. So, to turn off the descriptions, you need to deactivate audio descriptions manually, as this feature is enabled by default in Xfinity services.

To turn off the audio description on your Xfinity screen, some recommended steps are mentioned below. These steps will help you to enable or disable your audio description settings successfully.

  1. When you are watching a full-screen video, you need to press the DOWN arrow on your Xfinity remote.
  2. After doing this, a pop-up bar will appear on the lower screen.
  3. Then press the left arrow twice in a row.
  4. This will select the On/Off menu of the audio description on the screen.
  5. Press OK to turn it off.

Apart from the audio description, voice guidance is also a narrative description feature that Xfinity offers which aids the availability of audio description. It is the auditory representation of what is on the screen which helps you to decide what to watch by its details such as program descriptions. Hence, some people might confuse audio descriptions and voice guidance as they appear to be the same thing but require different steps to disable them. If you have successfully disabled video descriptions but are still seeing narrative assistance on your screen, there are chances that it might be the voice guidance that needs to be checked.

To successfully turn the voice guidance off, the following steps need to be performed.

  1. Tap the B key on your Xfinity remote. This will open an Accessibility Screen.
  2. Then you have to tap the B key again on your Xfinity remote to open an On/Off menu.
  3. Select Off and this will disable your voice guidance.

Xfinity offers flexibility to its users to customize screen controls and settings with easy deactivation procedures. This article gives a step-by-step approach to modifying audio description controls according to the user’s liking.

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