OpenVPN GUI Is Already Running: 3 Ways To Fix

openvpn gui is already running
openvpn gui is already running

OpenVPN is an application that is embedded into the browser and you also get a GUI for the application where you can modify the VPN settings and stuff like that. So, you can call it the control panel for your VPN with a GUI where you can access all there is about the OpenVPN including the technical settings, how it will be running, appearances like a theme, and a lot more.

So, you can simply open it using the OpenVPN control panel and it will work for you. However, if you are getting this error message that states “GUI is already running” when you try to access it, here is how it can be fixed.

OpenVPN GUI Is Already Running

1) Check for Background applications

There is a possibility that you might have OpenVPN running in the background and you might not be able to figure it out. So, you need to check for the background applications running and access them from there. If you are unable to open it from the running applications, then you should be trying to close it from the applications that are running in the background and then open it again.

You might not be able to locate it on the background applications due to some reasons as well, and you will have to access the task manager to make it work for you. The task manager can allow you to force close the application in case there are some issues with the application and it is not responding. Once you have used the force close method, you will need to open it up again after a few seconds and that will do the trick for you.

2) Restart the PC

Another thing that you need to do if you are unable to make it work after a force close is to restart your PC. A simple restart might not be enough as it can leave some applications or data running in the background as well. So, you should shut down your PC completely once, and after that, you need to turn it up again after a few moments. This will most certainly work for you and that is how you are going to be able to access the OpenVPN GUI without getting any sorts of errors on it. Make sure that your windows are working fine and there are no errors on the windows part to make it work flawlessly.

3) Reinstall the OpenVPN

The last thing if nothing has worked for you so far is that you need to reinstall the software as there can be possible errors or bugs with the installation and that might be the reason for you getting this error message. So, simply uninstall the software and application from your PC and then delete any files as well. Make sure to restart your PC once after the uninstall and then reinstall the software after your PC is restarted. This is going to work perfectly for you and you will not have to face this error message again while trying to access the OpenVPN.

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