How To Stop A Recording In Progress On Dish Network?

How To Stop A Recording In Progress On <a href=
How To Stop A Recording In Progress On <a href=

One of the biggest benefits of the Dish Network is that it comes with a DVR feature that allows you to record any show of your choice from any television channel on the network. This allows you to record the shows when they are aired on TV and then watch them at your convenience. It is particularly a great feature for those who want to watch a sports event being held in a different time zone or for those who want to binge-watch an entire series.

How To Stop A Recording In Progress On Dish Network?

While it is very easy to set the DVR to record the shows that you want to watch later, there is one issue that some users have reported experiencing. Sometimes it happens that a user decides to record a show and later on loses interest due to one reason or another. Or maybe they have already watched it or they decide to watch it as it gets aired. In such situations, as the timer has already been set for the show to be recorded, the DVR starts recording the show on its own.

Now when the show is being recorded and the users want to cancel it from getting recorded, the first thing that comes to mind is to press the stop button. This only works when you manually record a program. Let’s say you have manually decided to record a program but now you figure that you don’t need to record it, you can simply press the stop button and that will stop the recording. The program will no longer be recorded. But if the program is being automatically recorded by the DVR because of a preset timer, pressing the stop button would not stop the recording.

In such a situation, you will have to delete the timer. You can do that by first going to the menu and then going to the timers. After that go to hi-lite prog to stop rec. There press delete, then press yes on the option and then press yes again.  This will delete the timer that was set for the program to be recorded and as the timer will get deleted the recording will also stop.

Another way of stopping the recording is to first go to a channel that you are not recording then open PIP and then SWAP PIP, and change channel. This will get you prompted and the recording will stop. Also, you will return to the Live Mode.

Trying the steps mentioned above will solve the issue and you will be able to stop recording. However, if you still face issues and you are unable to stop the recording, you can contact Dish Customer Support and let them know of the issue. They will provide you with a step by step procedure as to how you can stop the recording for your DVR. The process of stopping a manual recording will most probably differ from the process of recording an automatic timer based recording.

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