How To Shut Off WiFi Assist? Try These 4 Steps Now!

how to shut off wifi assist
how to shut off wifi assist

While the Wi-Fi assist can be an efficient feature for managing your network connection, it can still have a huge impact on your cellular bill. The primary function of this feature is to switch the mobile device from the Wi-Fi network to the cellular data when users go out of the router range. If you have unlimited cellular data, then there is no need to turn this feature off. On the other hand, if you are working with limited bandwidth, then keeping the Wi-Fi assist can be expensive. For this reason, more and more users are shutting off the Wi-Fi assist on their mobile devices. If you’re unsure about how to shut off WiFi assist, then follow these methods.

How To Shut Off WiFi Assist

1. Configure Cellular Settings

The most direct method of shutting off the Wi-Fi assist is through the mobile settings. Depending upon the type of operating system you own, browse to the mobile settings and go to the mobile data or cellular options. From there, you just have to scroll down to the bottom, and there will be a label for Wi-Fi assist.

Click on this option and turn it off. Confirm the settings and exit out of the configuration’s menu. Now, you can test the feature by going out of the router range, and it won’t turn on the Wi-Fi assist, and you will save cellular data.

2. Limit Data Usage

Limiting the data usage is another great method of managing the Wi-Fi assist when you’re not that willing to spend cellular data on useless apps. So, browse the mobile data settings and restrict the use of cellular data to streaming applications.

You can further optimize the data usage by unchecking the downloading and streaming configurations from the unit. So this way, you can limit the functioning of Wi-Fi assist while still maintaining a 24/7 connection to important mobile applications.

3. Enable Data Roaming

The Wi-Fi assist only works when you’re not using Data roaming, and there are no data demanding apps working on the forefront. So, you can quickly cycle in and out through the Wi-Fi assist by enabling and disabling the data roaming mode.

This will give you more control over cellular data usage, and you can quickly streamline and limit the data access to different apps installed on your phone.

4. Remove Streaming Apps

The last thing you can do to manage the Wi-Fi assist features is remove the app that puts too much load on the cellular data. This feature only works for apps currently active and doesn’t let background apps access the cellular data. So, as soon as you go out of range of the router, closing streaming applications should limit the monthly cellular data usage.

All of these methods can be used to Shut off or manage the Wi-Fi assist. If you’re not looking to modify the data usage by the app, then simply shutting down this feature is your best bet. However, if you wish to enjoy the feature while still having more control over the data usage, then go through the data limiting methods mentioned here.

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