How to Connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi After Reset (Answered)

how to connect apple watch to wifi after reset
how to connect apple watch to wifi after reset

With the advancement in technology, various smartwatches have been released, but no one can beat Apple. This is because Apple Watch has become the best in the market, and there are various advanced features to ensure seamless connectivity. It allows the users to answer messages and calls without having their iPhone or iPad in their hand. On the other hand, there are times when the watch stops working, and people reset it to make sure it works fine. However, it deletes the internet connection settings, and once the reset is complete, you will have to save the internet settings again.

How to Connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi After Reset

As we are talking about the reset, it is important to mention that it will delete every bit of data and settings from the watch, which also includes the password for the Wi-Fi network. It simply means you have to insert the settings again and set up the Wi-Fi connection. To connect the Apple Watch to Wi-Fi after the reset, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • First of all, you need to open the settings on Apple Watch and tap on the Wi-Fi option
  • As a result, the watch will start its search for the available wireless/Wi-Fi networks
  • When you find the desired Wi-Fi network, click on it, and it will ask you to enter the password (there will be a pop-up). If you don’t know how to enter the password, you can opt for Scribble or a built-in keyboard
  • Once the password is entered, tap on the join button, and it will be connected to the wireless network

Instructions For Setting Up Your Apple Watch After Reset

It’s needless to say that you have to set up the Apple Watch from scratch once it’s reset because it deletes all the data and respective settings. So, to set up your Apple Watch again, you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions, such as;

  • Switch on the Apple Watch and open the menu
  • From the menu, look for the iCloud app and start signing in
  • On the other hand, open the iPad or iPhone, open your Apple Watch app and connect it with the iOS device
  • Then, select the create backup tab
  • As a result, the screen will have pop-ups that you need to follow. Once all the pop-ups are complete, you will be ready to set up the Apple Watch and use it

Additional Things To Remember

Now that you know how to set up the watch and use Wi-Fi with it, it is imperative to share some tips. This is because many people have issues while connecting the Apple Watch to a wireless connection. If that’s the case, you could start by forgetting the wireless network and reconnecting it after some time – it’s obvious that you will have to insert the password again.

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi network should be set at a 2.4 GHz band to make sure it optimizes the connection with the Wi-Fi network. Not to forget, if nothing works, you can reboot your internet connection to ensure better signal connectivity.

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