4 Steps To Update Firmware On Verizon Actiontec Route

how to update firmware on verizon actiontec router
how to update firmware on verizon actiontec router

Actiontec routers are integrated with advanced networking features and top-notch signal reception. However, to achieve the best performance, it’s important to download and install the firmware. The firmware can improve the functionality and effectiveness of the router’s features. On the contrary, people have a hard time installing and updating the firmware. So, let’s see what you can do to update the firmware!

How To Update Firmware On Verizon Actiontec Router

It is quite easy to upgrade the firmware on your Actiontec router because all you need to do is to reset the Actiontec router to receive the firmware upgrade. For this purpose, you need to use the WPS button on the router’s front and press it. As a result, the router will be turned off for around ten seconds, but when the device restarts, you will have to install the firmware again, for which you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Open your internet browser and enter the router’s IP address in the search bar or address bar
  2. Add the account’s username and password
  3. Open the update or firmware section on the router’s page and see if there is an update available
  4. If the update is available, press the update button, and the firmware upgrade will be completed within a few minutes

When the firmware upgrade is installed, you can reboot the router one last time to make sure the firmware is properly installed on the router. Once the router turns on, give it a few minutes for it to establish a seamless internet connection. Before we wrap this up, it’s important to add that you can download the firmware update file from the main Verizon Actiontec official website and extract the file to install it on the router with the help of a computer.

Benefits Of Updating The Firmware Upgrade

At this point, we are certain that you know how to update the firmware upgrade on your Actiontec router. So, let’s see why you should be vigilant about installing the firmware upgrade;

  1. First of all, it ensures that the Actiontec router doesn’t become obsolete because the router will be integrated with advanced features and capabilities, promising improved internet connection
  2. The firmware upgrade will optimize the router’s drivers that make sure the router keeps working on an optimal level
  3. It will make sure that you don’t need expensive repairs for the routers, and the software bugs will be automatically fixed to make sure there are no internet interruptions
  4. Once the firmware is upgraded, the router peripherals will start working in sync, which prevents the changes of signal disruptions, promising a better connection

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, it’s pretty convenient to install the firmware upgrade on your Verizon Actiontec router. The company launches regular firmware upgrades to make sure there are no compromises on the user experience and quality of internet signals, so make sure you keep checking the official website regularly as they upload the firmware upgrade files for the specific router models. All in all, if you have any issues, such as an incomplete firmware upgrade, you should call customer support!

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