Make Actiontec MI424WR A Network Bridge In 10 Steps

how to make actiontec mi424wr a network bridge
how to make actiontec mi424wr a network bridge

Actiontec MI424WR is one of the best internet routers available in the market as they are integrated with advanced internet features and on-point signal reception. However, many people have complained about the internet connectivity, but setting up the network bridge can surely help you out. So, let’s see how you can make your router work as a network bridge!

How To Make Actiontec MI424WR A Network Bridge

In this section, we are sharing the instructions to set up the router as a network bridge but make sure that your router is properly connected to power and the cables are securely connected to the router. Now, let’s see the instructions that you’ve to follow, such as;

  1. First of all, you need to get the MAC address of the router and disconnect the Actiontec router. To get your hands on the MAC address, you need to sign in to the router, open the advanced tab, and tap on the yes button. Then, click on Mac closing and choose “set Mac of the device,” and select the broadband option. Consequently, you will see the MAC address, which you need to save
  2. Now, disconnect the Actiontec router by unplugging the Ethernet cable
  3. You have to log into the Actiontec router once again and open the network connections tab. From this tab, open the network tab, move to Settings, and look for the IP address. Whatever is the IP address, you need to change it to – it is about renewing the IP address, which means the router will reboot automatically, and you have to sign in again
  4. Once you are signed in, open the wireless settings, open the basic security settings, and turn the wireless option in the off position. Then, press the apply button
  5. The next step is to reduce the firewall settings. For this purpose, you need to open the firewall settings and click the minimum option from the “general tab”
  6. Then, release the IP by opening the broadband option from the router’s interface and tapping on the release link
  7. Open the broadband tab again and disable the IP distribution open and choose the “no DNS server” option from the DNS server settings. In addition, you have to select the “no IP address” option
  8. Now, apply the wireless settings from the network connections tab on the router’s interface
  9. Last but not least, you need to open the advanced settings tab and open MAC cloning. In this tab, you need to select “set MAC of the device,” choose the broadband (coax) option and save the settings
  10. And done!

This guide will help you make the Actiontec router a network bridge. However, after following this guide, you will need to reboot your Actiontec router, and the router will have a new IP address as well. On the other hand, if this guide doesn’t help, you will need to call the Actiontec customer support team.

The Bottom Line

Using your Actiontec router as a network bridge will help minimize the network traffic and reduces the chances of network instability. In addition, it improves the support for network traffic, and you will be able to extend the internet network.

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