2 Tips On How To Change Actiontec Router Password

how to change actiontec router password
how to change actiontec router password

A strong Wi-Fi password is essential for the routers to make sure the hackers don’t compromise on the security of files and get access to the bandwidth (they can steal the bandwidth, which leads to a slow internet connection). For this reason, you need to set up a new password and make sure it is strong. So, let’s see how you can change the router password!

How To Change Actiontec Router Password?

There are two ways of changing the route password; the mobile app and the desktop version.

1. Changing Router Password With Mobile App

  • To change the router password from the mobile/smartphone app, you need to download the Actiontec app and log in to the account
  • Once you are logged in, open the internet tab on the app
  • Then, open the password page and choose the Wi-Fi option
  • In this tab, you need to enter the new password and do it twice (it’s important to confirm the password)
  • Once the password is confirmed, tap on the Save button and update your Wi-Fi password on every device that you have to connect with the wireless connection

2. Changing Router Password With Browser Or Desktop Version

  • Sign in to the router settings
  • Open the internet tab from the “manage services”
  • Tap on the password option and move to Wi-Fi from the password management tab
  • Enter the new router password in the password fields
  • Once you have added the same password in both fields, you need to press the submit button, and it will update the Wi-Fi password

When you change the password and it gets confirmed, you will need to update the router password on every device that you must connect with the wireless network. If you are unable to change the password, you will need to forget the Wi-Fi and join it again with the help of a new password.

Tips To Make A Strong Password

There were two primary methods that you could try to change the Actiontec router password, and we have shared them both. However, many users have a hard time setting up a strong password, which negatively influences internet security. So, to help you out, we are sharing a few tips that can help you create a strong password for the router, such as;

  • Make sure that your password is long because it will be challenging for the hackers to guess. Keep in mind that a long password should have a combination of numerical values, alphabets, and a few symbols
  • You can use a nonsense phrase for creating the password. For this purpose, you can use random phrases and words and make one password. Keep in mind that these passwords are quite challenging to crack
  • Always use a combination of capital and small alphabets, numbers, and symbols. However, you should always mix these values. For instance, you should use the passwords like “w4hdh$^f63” rather than “mmm555!!!”
  • Never use your personal information as a password. For instance, you must not use your credit card number, date of birth, or your partner’s name because they are quite easy to guess
  • Lastly, you must not reuse your passwords because it will put your security at risk. In fact, if the hacker is able to identify one password, they will have access to your multiple accounts

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