Is Windstream Satellite Internet? (Answered)

is windstream satellite internet
is windstream satellite internet

Windstream has dug its paws deeper into the internet service industry. The prime reason is reliable and high-speed internet, topped with an extremely helpful customer services team. Back in 2019, the company struggled with bankruptcy, but they came back with a bang. As far as the question, “Is Windstream satellite internet?” we have added this article to help you out. Let’s have a look!

Is Windstream The Satellite Internet?

The short answer is no, Windstream is not the satellite internet because they offer internet services through DSL. This means that the internet is provided through the phone lines. Also, they have a fiber internet service as well, and we will discuss that. The satellite internet is suitable for the off-grid situation, but DSL provides high-speed internet and higher data caps.

On the other hand, the Windstream Kinetic Gig plan is designed to offer internet services through the fiber internet. According to the Federal Communications Commission, the average internet speed is 95.6%, which means you will get the value of your money.

DSL Coverage

Through the DSL internet, Windstream is catering to the internet needs of around 104 million people. In addition, the DSL network is available in more than 50 states around the United States of America, inclusive of Kentucky and Georgia. The DSL service uses telephone lines to offer internet signals. The cables are twisted copper, but there is additional DSL hardware.

The DSL hardware promises the transmission of digital data without compromising the voice signals. This DSL internet service is successful because people who were stuck with satellite connections and low-speed cellular service can now use the rather high-speed internet.

Additional Internet Services

Along with DSL internet and broadband, Windstream is offering fixed wireless, fiber, cable internet, and copper services. As for the fiber service, it’s a consumer base of around 3.3 people, which makes it the 6th largest fiber internet service providers in the U.S. Similarly, the fixed wireless and cable services are serving 616 zip codes and 344,000 consumers, respectively.

The Kinetic Internet

In the past few months, Windstream has been working on the launch of fiber services with an intent to upgrade the network. With this being said, the kinetic internet offers the combination of DSL and fiber to exceed the internet speed expectation. This is the right internet service for people who are frustrated with the regional providers!

The bottom line is that Windstream doesn’t provide the satellite internet, simply because they have much better services to offer!

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