How To Connect Nest To New Wi-Fi in 6 Steps

how to connect nest to new wifi
how to connect nest to new wifi

Google Nest is one of the best devices for people who want to set up a smart home with advanced connectivity and automation. This is because a Google Nest is the home automation system to connect and control the smart light bulb, wireless speakers, and thermostats. However, to enjoy the benefits of Nest, you need to connect it to a wireless connection. So, let’s see how you can connect Nest to a new wireless connection.

How To Connect Nest To New Wi-Fi

If you change the internet router’s settings or get yourself a new internet connection, it’s needless to say that you have to connect Google Nest to a new Wi-Fi connection to make sure the connected devices keep working normally. So, let’s see how you can establish a new internet connection.

  1. First of all, you have to bring the tablet or smartphone to the same room where you have put the Nest device
  2. Open the Nest app on your device and choose settings from the app
  3. Tap on the Nest Connection option, so scroll down to find it
  4. Click on the Wi-Fi connection and select the wireless connection that you want to use
  5. Add the login credentials
  6. Once you add the login credentials, tap on the start button, and the Nest will connect to the Wi-Fi

Nest Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

The above-mentioned steps will help you connect the Google Nest device with a new wireless internet connection. However, if you are having a hard time connecting to the wireless connection, let’s check out some troubleshooting steps;

  1. To begin with, you need to check the connections and make sure the router has proper connections. For instance, you should check the cables and make sure they are not damaged, disconnected, or loose because such cable connections can hinder the internet connection, and Nest will not connect to the Wi-Fi. In case of disconnected and loose cables, you can insert them into the router’s port, and the internet connection will be normalized. On the other hand, if cables seem to be physically damaged, replace them
  2. The second step is to reboot the internet router or modem. This is because rebooting can initiate the internet connection, resulting in improved and high-speed internet signals
  3. The third step is to check the configuration. This is because when the wireless connection is not set up properly, the devices won’t be able to establish a connection, including Google Nest. So, open the router settings, optimize the configuration settings, and try reconnecting Google Nest
  4. You can also call your internet service provider to make sure there are no backend issues with the internet connection that are causing internet drops. Keep in mind that Nest won’t connect the inconsistent and dropped wireless connection. In addition, you can try upgrading your internet plan to get a high-speed internet connection
  5. Last but not least, if nothing works, there might be something wrong with the Google Nest, so call Google customer support to get technical assistance and get the Nest’s configuration optimized to ensure a seamless connection.

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