2 Effective Methods To Reset Nest Protect Wi-Fi

how to reset nest protect wifi
how to reset nest protect wifi

Nest Protect is a revolutionary device designed by Google, which is a smoke and CO alarm that provides real-time alerts on the connected phone. It can detect smoke, fast-burning fire, carbon monoxide, and smoldering wires to protect the users. It is connected to the internet to get real-time alerts, but many people complain about the performance issue. For this reason, a reset is recommended, and we are here to share the instructions for that!

How To Reset Nest Protect Wi-Fi

Nest Protect is one of the best choices for people who want to upgrade the security system of their homes. However, in case of performance errors, you have to reset the device. Conducting a factory reset on Nest Protect will erase all the personal details and restore the device to the default settings. Remember that once the reset is complete, you won’t receive the Nest Protect notifications on the smartphone unless you connect it to the phone again.

In addition, resetting Nest Protect will disconnect the connected devices, and all the wireless internet settings saved on the device will be deleted. It will also ease the location from the Nest app, and all the feature-related settings will be deleted as well. Now that you are aware of the outcomes of the factory reset, let’s see how you can conduct a factory reset on Nest Protect;

  1. Begin by pressing and holding the Protect button until it chimes and glows in blue color. However, you shouldn’t leave the button
  2. Wait for a few seconds and then release the button when Nest Protect starts saying the version number or model number
  3. As a result, the verbal countdown will begin on the Nest Protect, and it will broadcast that you are erasing the settings (you can press the Protect button during the countdown to cancel the reset process)
  4. Within a few seconds, Nest Protect will reset to the factory default settings. Then, open the app, sign in, and customize the settings, including Wi-Fi

To ensure a successful reset of Protect, you need to have physical access to it because resetting it is not possible with the smartphone app. Secondly, you must have access to your Nest account’s credentials as it’s essential for signing in again. On the other hand, if you want to update the Wi-Fi information on Nest Protect, we have outlined the instructions below;

  1. Open the Nest smartphone app and go to the settings
  2. Choose the Protect and tap on the device options
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi connection and tap on the Next button
  4. As a result, Nest will try connecting to the Nest Protect and will look for the nearby Wi-Fi connection
  5. Then, choose the desired Wi-Fi network and add the internet password, and the wireless connection will be established

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the majority of people reset the Nest Protect Wi-Fi because of internet issues. Usually, resetting the Wi-Fi connection fixes the problem, but you can also update the Wi-Fi information to eliminate the configuration errors that could be causing the internet issues. However, if you still have some problems, reach out to the Google support team!

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