Why Does My Linksys Velop Keep Disconnecting? (Explained)

why does my linksys velop keep disconnecting
why does my linksys velop keep disconnecting

Linksys Velop is one of the best home mesh systems for people who want to upgrade their wireless network system, including the router. This is because Linksys Velop can easily replace the internet router by improving wireless connectivity. Ironically, even Linksys Velop has connectivity errors, and with this post, you will be able to fix the internet!

Why Does My Linksys Velop Keep Disconnecting?

There are three primary reasons behind the Linksys Velop that keeps disconnecting such as frequency interferences, low internet signal quality, and outdated router firmware. So, let’s see what can be done to fix it!

1. Reduce The Wi-Fi Interference

If the internet connection has frequent drops, it is important to check for interference. To begin with, you have to check the internet band because 2.4GHz interference is a real problem. It is suggested that you open the Linksys Velop router settings and open the advanced settings. From the advanced settings, check the internet bands and try to shift to the 5GHz band because it has better connectivity and lower chances of interference.

The second thing that you can try is removing the physical obstructions. This is because Linksys Velop loses the connection when there are too many wireless devices and other obstructions around it. For instance, you should keep the router away from the smart TV, gaming console, and refrigerators. In addition to this, the router must be installed in a central location to ensure the even distribution of the internet signals.

The third tip is to change the placement of your router. For instance, the router shouldn’t be placed on the ground because it can negatively impact the internet connection. So, put the router on the middle shelf of your wall cabinets as it’s the perfect height to streamline the internet signal distribution. Last but not least, the router must be away from the metal objects because they can cause signal interference.

2. Internet Settings

To improve the internet connection, you can try changing the internet settings as it can help improve the internet connection. In the majority of cases, people keep using the default settings, but it can result in connectivity errors. For instance, you can choose WPA2 or WPA for the security settings because it improves the connection security and enhances the internet stability of the connection.

3. Update The Router Firmware

Another step that you can try is updating the router firmware. In case the internet connection remains unstable even after changing the router’s position, internet band, and wireless interference, there are high chances that you must update the router’s firmware. The router firmware can be updated from the advanced settings but don’t forget to reboot the router after updating the firmware.

4. Cables

Last but not least, you have to check the cable connections of your Linksys Velop router. This is because if the cables connected to the router are damaged or loose, the internet signals will be unstable, hence the disconnecting internet. So, tighten up the cable connections of your modem and replace them in case of evident physical damage.

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