How To Cancel IPVanish Subscription (2 Methods)

how to cancel ipvanish subscription
how to cancel ipvanish subscription

A VPN service is pretty important when you are trying to encrypt the internet connection and save yourself and your devices from cyber threats. However, choosing a paid VPN is suggested for people who want to ensure cutting-edge encryption and nothing works better than IPVanish. This is because it has been integrated with advanced encryption standards. On the other hand, if you aren’t satisfied with the VPN service, let’s see how to cancel the subscription!

How To Cancel IPVanish Subscription

When it comes down to the IPVanish subscriptions, all of them are designed with auto-renew configuration to make sure users don’t have to subscribe to the VPN again and again. In addition, the auto-renew feature is perfect to ensure interruption-free service. It doesn’t matter if you signed up for the VPN service for the first time or like to renew the subscription automatically, the subscription is renewed automatically when the next billing month starts unless you cancel the subscription.

As far as the cancellation is concerned, you need to contact customer support when you are using IPVanish VPN for the first time but make sure you cancel the subscription before the next month starts. On the other hand, if you have subscribed to the long-term IPVanish subscription, you will need to cancel the auto-renewal by signing in to the website with your account credentials. When you are logged in, choose the “I wish to cancel the subscription,” and confirm the account cancellation.

Make sure that you cancel the IPVanish subscription after thirty-one days of subscribing to the service, or else, the account will be active till the billing cycle’s end and you will have to pay for another month. However, you can always call customer support to assist you with subscription cancellation. Keep in mind that how you signed up for an IPVanish subscription will change the cancellation process. So, let’s check out the information;

  • Signed Up Through IPVanish Website – if you purchased the IPVanish VPN service through the official website, you need to call customer support during 9 AM to 5 PM according to the U.S. time zone. In addition, customer support is available seven days a week and the customer support number is +1-800-591-5241. In addition to this, you can contact email support or live chat support to cancel the subscription. Keep in mind when you contact the customer support, you might have to share information about ownership to authenticate your account
  • Signed Up Through A Smartphone App – it doesn’t matter if you are using the IPVanish Android app or an iOS app, you need to remember that IPVanish cannot control the accounts and won’t be able to process the refunds. For this purpose, you have to contact Google or Apple directly as their built-in payment systems process the payments. In fact, you can find the app-based refunds on the IPVanish website

These two are the only suitable ways of canceling your subscription but make sure you cancel the subscription on time, so you don’t end up paying for another month without any reason.

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