How Do I Extend My WiFi Signal To Another Building 400 Feet Away?

how do i extend my wifi signal to another building 400 feet away
how do i extend my wifi signal to another building 400 feet away

Having a stable internet connection at your home helps in streaming shows and downloading stuff without any issues. Although, there are mainly two ways to connect your devices to a network.

While having a wired connection is always better for speeds. Most devices similar to mobile phones and tablets don’t support connecting your internet through an ethernet wire.

These can only establish a connection through the Wi-Fi signals. Considering this, one common problem that people can get with their internet is its signal strength.

Some users might even want to extend the range of their internet to be outside their homes. At first thought, it might seem like extending the range of your Wi-Fi requires a lot of skill but that is not the case.

The process for it can be quite simple if you have already prepared the equipment required in advance.

How Do I Extend My WiFi Signal To Another Building 400 Feet Away?

  1. Install a Router

The best possible way to increase the strength of your Wi-Fi signals is by using a router. These devices come in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, many companies manufacture these but you should note that the features on these devices depend on the model you select.

You must go through all the specifications of these routers before selecting one. This includes their features as well as the maximum range that they can provide.

Newer routers allow users to run their internet using both 2.4 as well as 5 GHz frequency bands. These can be switched between each other depending on the condition and can prove to be helpful.

After selecting a router for yourself that has the best range on it. The next thing that you should do is to find a location that you want to install this device. This is also important because you want your router to be in a spot where the signals can easily spread around.

If you install the device in a locked room then the signals will fail to spread even if the range on it is amazing. Similarly, if there are a lot of furniture and objects between the signal’s path then it will also fall short.

If you want the signals to be in a building apart from your home then you can install the router on a wall that is closest to it. But you should note that the device can get damaged from rainwater or dust particles so you should keep it under a shade or protected from these things.

  1. Use Wired Connection

While using several routers all-around your home to spread the signals might sound like an easy solution and will get the job done as well. The signal strength that you will end up receiving on your devices will be really weak. It will be a fraction of what your original internet connection can provide. This is why it is recommended that you go for a wired connection for the routers.

The wires might look a little dirty when compared to wireless connections. But the ethernet wires ensure that you will get the best possible speed. Additionally, the internet sent through these wires will always provide a stable speed without any fluctuations. Even if you want your router in another building, you can pass a wire over to the other building.

  1. MoCA Network

If you have internal coaxial wiring all over the buildings then one easy solution is to use the MoCA network. This is supported by some routers and you can configure it to connect all your routers through coaxial wires.

This will also make the job extremely clean and the setup for this feature is simple to do. Although, the speeds on this network can sometimes start to get slow if you decide to connect a lot of routers over your internet connection.

Lastly, if none of these steps are possible for you then you can contact your ISP to provide you with a secondary connection. They might even be able to install separate wiring for you which you can use.

Some ISP’s even allow users to split their connection over separate buildings but that is rare. Through by contacting the customer service you should be able to get some other solutions that you can use as well.

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