Ad Blocker Interference Detected: 6 Ways To Fix

ad blocker interference detected
ad blocker interference detected

If you are a regular internet and website browser, you would know that some websites are loaded with ads. In particular, some websites have too many ads that people end up installing the ad blockers. Similarly, they struggle with ad blocker interference detected issues and we are sharing the solutions to help you out!

Ad Blocker Interference Detected

1) Custom Adblocking

In the majority of cases, when you struggle with interference through ad blockers, there are chances that you have custom adblocking scripts. In addition, if you have misconfigurations in the adblocking installations, it can result in interference. As a result, the website operations will be hindered. That being said, you have to optimize the adblocking installations and make sure you don’t make changes to the scripts. As a result, the interference will be fixed.

2) Safe Mode

In case you are using the Firefox browser and the ad blocker is struggling with interference, you can opt for the safe mode. Some people confuse safe mode with a refresh but it’s not the same. For switching on the safe mode on Firefox, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below;

  • First of all, you have to tap on the menu button and scroll down to the help option
  • The second step is to choose the troubleshoot mode and hit the restart button
  • When you appear this, the safe mode window will appear, so hit the start button (the start button in the safe mode dialog) and the Firefox will work in safe mode
  • For people who are using Google Chrome, you can also put it in safe mode. For switching on safe mode on Google Chrome, follow the steps in the section below, such as;
  • The first step is to open Google Chrome and press the three-dot button (it is on the upper right corner)
  • Then, choose the incognito window and the safe mode is switched on

3) Cookies & Cache

When you are using the browsers and are struggling with interference, you can try deleting the cookies and cache. It doesn’t matter if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, you have to delete the cookies and cache. In the section below, we are sharing how you can clear cookies and cache from Google Chrome, such as;

  • First of all, open Google Chrome and open the More option
  • The second step is to tap on the more tool option and hit on the clear browsing data
  • You have to choose the time range (it is suggested to use “all time” option)
  • Then, move to cookies and other data and cached files and image (tick the boxes)
  • Lastly, press the clear data option

If you are using Firefox, we have outlined the steps for clearing the cache and cookies below;

  • Open Firefox browser app and choose the preferences button
  • Now, choose the privacy and security tab
  • Tap on the clear data option from the cookies and data section (don’t forget to untick the cookies and data option)
  • Then, click on the cache web content, and hit the clear button

4) Update

In case you are using the ad blocker app or software, there are chances that it’s outdated which is causing the performance and functionality issue. In addition, the outdated version of the ad blocker app or software can result in interference. The users need to update the ad blocker and make sure you keep updating them regularly. Once the update is complete, we are certain that the interference will be fixed.

5) Reboot The Browser

There are people who don’t want to switch on the safe mode on the browsers, we suggest that you reboot the browser. This is because the minor configuration issues in the browser can be causing the interference. That being said, you have to reboot the browser (just close down the browser application and open it after a few minutes).

6) Reinstall The Adblocker

If nothing seems to streamline the interference issue with adblocker, we suggest that you delete the adblocker app or software from your system. Even if you have only installed the extension, just delete it. Once the adblocker tools are deleted, you need to reboot the device. When the device switches on, install the adblocker again and there won’t be any interference. As a result, it will fix the underlying bugs.

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