Horizontal Flickering Lines On Monitor In Games: 3 Fixes

horizontal flickering lines on monitor in games
horizontal flickering lines on monitor in games

People all around the world enjoy playing games. While some play when they are bored to have a good time. Others even play games as their hobbies to earn money. Companies like YouTube and Twitch provide their users with the service to stream their gameplay. This can then be watched by other players and you will be paid for the number of views received.

Considering this, many players have taken this opportunity to turn their hobby into their job. Aside from this, there are tons of single-player games that you can play as well for their stories. Though, when it comes to playing competitive games, the user has to keep the focus on their monitor. Though, if you start getting problems like horizontal flickering lines on your monitor while you are in a game. The user can get annoyed which is why we will be providing you with some troubleshooting steps for this.

Horizontal Flickering Lines On Monitor In Games

  1. Try Changing Refresh Rate

There are several reasons why the user can get flickering lines on their monitor. This is why you must look into the root of this problem before trying to fix it. One of the easiest things that you can try is changing the refresh rate for your monitor. This is usually set to 60 Hz by default and most standard monitors can only go up to 75.

Though, there are models that have 144 or even 240 Hz available on them. If you had recently overclocked the refresh rate on your monitor then that might be why you are getting this issue. The user can check their monitor’s refresh rate from the control panel settings of the device. You can access this by right-clicking on your desktop and then selecting display settings.

The user will then be provided with all the details of their monitor. You can then click on ‘Advanced Display Settings’ by scrolling down the main page. Finally, you can select the monitor you wish to change the refresh rate for from the panel below. Make sure that you select the recommended one and that should fix the problem for you. Though, in some cases, the user can even try changing between these settings and see which one works best for them.

  1. Change Video Cable

If you have recently bought a new monitor that has a high refresh rate. But you are still using the same old cable that you were using before. Then even this can cause you to get flickering lines on your monitor. Mostly VGA and DVI-D cables are not able to push on the video above 75 hertz on a monitor. Considering this, you can either switch to using an HDMI or Display Port instead. Both of these should be available in most electrical stores and are quite cheap.

However, make sure that you select a good quality cable so that it can last you a much longer time and provide you with the best results. On the other hand, if you had already changed the cable then you can even look out for any damages to it. Usually, if the user puts in too many bents in their wires then they can start breaking internally. Alternatively, the connection for them might be too loose which can also give you this issue. Look into these to get rid of your problem.

  1. Overclocking GPU

Many users like to overclock their graphics card to boost their performance. While this will provide you with much better frame rates, you should note that some cards can start running into errors instead. Considering this, you should check if the configurations for your overclocking are all correct. If these are not then you will have to reset them.

People can follow guides given online to help them with overclocking their GPUs. But make sure that you check if your device is compatible or not. Even keeping a check over the temperatures and power supply as essential as the card requires much more power. If you notice that none of these solutions are working out for you. Then it is recommended that you do not overclock your GPU at this point. This is also dangerous as overclocked cards have a much higher chance of getting damaged.

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