HBO East vs HBO West: What’s The Difference?

hbo east vs west
hbo east vs west

HBO is the abbreviation for Home Box Office and it is one of the best streaming services out there. The service is essentially perfect as there are tons of different multimedia streaming options. There are movies, series, sporting events, and a lot more than you can stream with HBO but that is not all.

HBO also has their own production house where they create HBO exclusive content that is to die for. So, it would be a perfect thing to have an HBO subscription. There are multiple ways for you to get your HBO subscription and here are a few.

HBO East vs HBO West


You can easily get an HBO subscription with your current service provider. They support multiple service providers such as U-verse, COX, DIRECTV, Optimum, Spectrum, Xfinity, and more. So, you will not be having a problem with that part. Moving forward, an HBO subscription can also be purchased as a stand-alone subscription that allows you to stream HBO over a cable TV subscription or your internet service according to your preference. There are multiple subscription types that might get you confused so you should compare the features of each package effectively. There are also different channels on HBO as well, that you should be aware of.


There are multiple HBO channels and you should know that there is not a single one that you get. There are HBO East, HBO West, HBO Signature, HBO 2 East, HBO 2 West, HBO Comedy, HBO Family East, HBO Family West, HBO Zone, and HBO Latino. All these channels pack different sorts of broadcasting genres, languages, and stuff like that. But you might be wondering about the difference between East and West, and here are the most important things that you must be aware of while comparing them both.

HBO East

HBO East is the main HBO channel that broadcasts feature films, fresh releases, original series by HBO production house, sporting events, and occasional specials including several documentaries. This is a wholesome entertainment channel that allows you to make the full use of your time and have great TV experience. The thing about HBO east is that it broadcasts on Eastern time. You get to watch the shows according to the EST and that is the best thing to have for you if you are living on the west coast region.

HBO West

Now, HBO West offers you to have the same content including all the sporting events, fresh release movies, feature films, HBO original series, and a lot more. There is hardly any difference between the content broadcasted on HBO West and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that both channels are identical in terms of content. However, the difference is in the broadcasting time and HBO West follows the PST or pacific time zone that is observed on the West Coast. Hence the name HBO West is there. The difference between both time zones is essentially there and there are a few reasons that you must be aware of to make good on both these channels and use this time zone difference to your benefit.


We all know that every TV channel follows the content broadcasting schedule according to the time. The important or high rating content is broadcasted in the prime time that is between 7-10 PM as that is the time the most audience is sitting in front of their TVs and free from their work. So, with these two channels broadcasting at different time zones, all the subscribers can get to enjoy their favorite broadcasts at the time of their preference and leisure. This is a great strategy to have in a vast country like the US that follows three different time zones to give their subscribers a perfect experience.

Missing out on Content

Now, you don’t have to miss out on the content that you love so much. Let it be any serial, a movie that you have been waiting for. So, as you know that EST is behind PST by three hours and if you are in EST and have missed some broadcast that you wanted to stream, there is nothing for you to be worried about. You can just switch to HBO west and watch the same content with a difference of three hours at your leisure. This goes for all the channels by HBO that have East and West options.

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