Can I Watch Home Improvement On Hulu?

home improvement on hulu
home improvement on hulu

Hulu is a popular TV streaming service that comes with monthly plans. Hulu provides all of your favorite TV channels, such as HBO Max, CINEMAX, STARZ, and SHOWTIME. It gives users the opportunity of watching thousands of shows and movies.

Apart from their original shows and movies, Hulu also features plenty of other shows as well. It has a whole dedicated library for seasons, movies, and kids shows. It also comes with live TV channels to keep tabs of your favorite football, and basketball matches. There are 3 different starting plans for subscription, and each one of them comes with their own perks.

Is Home Improvement on Hulu?

Home Improvement is a famous sitcom that aired during 1991-1990. Previously, the show could easily be watched on Hulu. However, users started noticing that the show was nowhere to be found all of a sudden.

This had left all the fans of the show wondering where it disappeared. Some even went as far as reporting watching the show 1-2 days before the show mysteriously disappeared from Hulu. This had caused an outrage among the community, where most of them were bummed out about where Home Improvement was no longer on Hulu.

If you were also a fan of the show and wondering the same thing, then we have some unfortunate news for you. Shows and movies that are not a part of Hulu original actually come through a limited time contract. Once the contract expires, the show will leave the streaming service. Although these contracts can be extended, the same cannot be said for Home Improvement.

Hulu’s contract for Home Improvement expired, which is the reason why it is nowhere to be seen on Hulu. It’s been quite a few months since their contract for this particular show expired. So, for all of you thinking that there is any way to watch Home Improvement on Hulu, there really isn’t.

The removal of the show made many users cancel their Hulu subscription, while some of them were left hoping that they will extend the contract. Unfortunately, there has been no news for extending or making a new contract. This leads us to the conclusion that Home Improvement won’t be making an appearance on Hulu anytime soon.


Can Home Improvement be watched on Hulu? No, there really isn’t any way to watch the show on your streaming service. If you were a die-hard fan of the series, then we suggest you simply cancel your subscription and look for another alternative for TV streaming services. It has been quite some while since Home Improvement was removed from Hulu, and the chances of it coming back are not so good.

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