How To Copy Firestick To Another Firestick?

how to copy firestick to another firestick
how to copy firestick to another firestick

Firestick is a product created by one of the world’s most popular companies. Amazon is a multinational company whose main focus is on cloud computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming. Aside from being a tech-giant, Amazon Company is also known for its streaming services.

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based streaming service that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries over the internet. There’s another Amazon streaming service called the firestick. And unlike Amazon Prime, Amazon firestick is a smart device that operates on a modified Android operating system.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a portable HDMI device that allows you to stream free/subscription-based TV channels and streaming services, through their Android applications. The firestick’s operating system also allows you to side-load non verified, unofficial 3rd party free-channels from the internet.

Can you copy the data from one firestick and paste it into another firestick?

Firestick is a device that uses a modified Android operating system to compile TV channel applications, streaming applications, gaming applications, and side-loaded applications. A firestick feature allows you to upload your TV, gaming, and streaming applications data on a cloud server.

But unfortunately, it’s a feature only available for verified Amazon firestick applications. Side-loaded applications are not supported by the cloud feature, which leaves us with a question, how to transfer your side-loaded applications from one firestick to another.

How To Copy Firestick To Another Firestick?

There are two ways to transfer firestick applications from one device to another. The two techniques are, uploading firestick applications on a cloud server or using third-party apps to move the side-loaded applications onto a computer. The next step will be downloading the application on a new firestick or relocating the side-loaded application to a new firestick.

Follow these steps to transfer data between your two firesticks:

  • First of all, make sure your firestick has the AFTVnews Downloader. Download and install the AFTVnews Downloader if you don’t have it on your firestick.
  • To download the AFTVnews Downloader application, you’ll have enabled the developer option called “Apps from Unknown Sources.” Your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s developer options are inside a device setting called “My Fire TV.”
  • Once the Downloader application installs, go onto your firestick’s main menu and select the AFTVnews Downloader application.
  • Type the URL address of a software site that has the MiXplorer application APK.
  • Go onto the software site and download the MiXplorer APK file. Install the MiXplorer application on your Amazon Fire TV Stick once the Downloader app finishes downloading.
  • Once installed, open the MiXplorer application on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. The application has a bookmark bar, and the bookmark bar has an option called “App.” “App” is where all of your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s applications, verified or non-verified, are placed.
  • Copy the Amazon Fire TV Stick applications you want to backup and paste them inside the Downloader folder. Select the Downloader folder and share it on an FTP server.
  • Use your Laptop/computer to access the FTP server, and download your Amazon Fire TV Stick applications backup files.

Open the Downloader file on the second firestick and transfer new applications through the FTP server.

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  1. Great info, but for no techies like me but do the work. Explain it again for dummies to do it pls. I new a firestick. I really don’t want to get one because I don’t want to put all this stuff on a new one, but I need more space. Its the 1st one with voice remote. Help clearer pls.

  2. my company is going to deploy firesticks to tv customers…the apps are verified approved apps …no unknown sources needed…is there a way to update /install the app so time can be saved and elderly customers won’t have to be so stressed?

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