Does Consumer Cellular support WiFi calling?

does consumer cellular support wifi calling
does consumer cellular support wifi calling

Wi-Fi calling is a hot topic these days in Northern America as it is changing the things how they used to be for cellular consumers. While we had to rely on some applications to place calls over the internet or had no choice but to use GSM or CDMA from the wireless carriers to place and take calls on our cellphones.

Wi-Fi calling is making it all go away and enabling you to make calls over the internet through your phone without using any additional application. This is one of the best innovations of this decade and is making lots of lives easier. To understand the topic better, let’s have a look at what is Consumer Cellular, How Wi-Fi calling works, and if they support it.

Consumer Cellular

When it comes to the US, there is no shortage of Virtual mobile networks that are offering their services. You can get a whole buffet of options to choose from. This excess of options has brought the users to benefit more than anything because as much the competition grows, you get better chances at getting the best package for you that suits your budget. The competition grows their efforts as well so you can enjoy better cellular services for your needs.

Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is popularly growing all over North America, especially amongst these virtual network providers as their cellular network on rented towers is not as good as the network that owns those towers as they can utilize it all power and have optimized those towers with their networks perfectly.

Wi-Fi calling brings you the chance to place and receive calls at your number using the internet as long as your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This would take the load off your cellular network and save you tons of hassle that you might have to go through if you live in a low coverage area or where you are getting no coverage at all. Along with that, you also get to enjoy less expensive tariff on Wi-Fi calling as you are not using the cellular network.

The best part that makes Wi-Fi calling desirable is that the person you are trying to call doesn’t need to have an active Wi-Fi connection. You can call them over a Wi-Fi network and they will receive it on their regular cellular network through their carrier.

Does Consumer Cellular Support WiFi Calling?

Yes, Consumer Cellular supports Wi-Fi calling for all their consumers who have a phone that can support Wi-Fi calling feature. It is known as VoLTE in most mobile phones and all you need to do is activate it on your phone. You can contact Consumer Cellular support as well to have assistance with the network and they can enable it on their end for you if you have a cellphone that would support Wi-Fi calling. Their packages are pretty affordable on Wi-Fi calling given that they are a Virtual Mobile Network Operator so if you plan on sticking to Consumer Cellular for some time, you must consider their Wi-Fi calling option.

5 thoughts on “Does Consumer Cellular support WiFi calling?”

  1. I’ve been told that can’t have wifi calling on Consumer Cellular if you have a ATT Sim card. I had to switch over to a T Mobile Sim to get it. The bad news is that TMobile coverage isn’t quite as good as ATT. Wifi calling is essential where I live since the cell signals are weak.

    • fyi – it’s your phone, not their system. Some phones will use AT&T wifi calling, some don’t. I had to get a new phone to use it.

  2. I had the same experience as William. Consumer Cellular sent 2 T-Mobile SIM cards at no charge for our two Moto phones. Now we have perfect wifi calling and surprisingly, we now get a very good cellular signal, whereas with the AT&T card we got practically no signal from the tower. Thank you, Consumer Cellular!

  3. I bought a Consumer Cellular AT&T SIM at Target. After porting my number from a TMobile Magenta Plus plan I received an error when enabling WiFi- calling (contact your carrier message).

    I called Consumer Cellular and the agent reset my plan on their end. After power cycling my iPhone 11 I was able to enable WiFi calling in settings, provide a 911 address and now WiFi calling works with this Consumer Cellular AT&T SIM kit. It appears as “CC Wi-Fi” on the phone.

    When doing a speedtest it defaults to AT&T Plano, TX. My signal strength at home is much higher compared to when I had TMobile direct so I am fairly certain I am actually using AT&T infrastructure.

  4. I have Consumer Cellular and just bought a new Samsung A52 phone. the phone is definitely capable of WiFi Calling (WFC). It is turned on, and I have a good wifi signal in my house. In spite of a multitude of calls to CC Tech Support, they cannont get the WFC to work. We have tried both ATT and T-Mobile SIM cards plus various APN settings. CC now says it just won’t work. Ironically, WFC worked on my old Samsung phone and old ATT SIM card. My options are: change carriers, buy a new phone, get a cellular signal booster for my house. A word to the wise ….

    The above phrase is not true in my experience:
    “Does Consumer Cellular Support WiFi Calling?
    Yes, Consumer Cellular supports Wi-Fi calling for all their consumers who have a phone that can support Wi-Fi calling feature. It is known as VoLTE in most mobile phones and all you need to do is activate it on your phone. “

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