ObiTalk Has Not Received A Response From The Service Provider: 5 Fixes

obitalk has not received a response from the service provider
obitalk has not received a response from the service provider

With the advent of communication, everyone is looking for services that promise streamlined connectivity. With this being said, OBiTALK is one of the prime choices for people who need a VoIP home phone to work with SIP, Google Voice, and fax.

However, OBiTALK has not received a response from the service provider issue is causing problems. So, we have outlined the easy fixes for that!

ObiTalk Has Not Received A Response From The Service Provider

1) Connection

The first culprit can be the device if it is unable to connect to the network. There can be two possibilities when it concerns the connection issues. Firstly, if the internet connection is not working properly, the OBiTALK will not work and will showcase the errors. Secondly, there might be chances that OBiTALK’s backend network is stalling.

In this case, we suggest that you first reboot the modem and router to make sure the internet network is working optimally. If your internet is working fine, we suggest that you call the OBiTALK customer support and check if their network is working alright. That’s to say because the backend network will take time to fix.

2) Reboot

When it comes down to the OBiTALK devices, keep in mind that they need regular reboots to work properly. With this being said, you need to reboot the QBiTALK devices at least twice. In addition, we suggest that you reboot the Google Voice numbers as well. As a result of this rebooting, the users will be able to fix the issue with message sending or responses.

3) Hotspot Isolation

In case you’ve been using the QBiTALK for the hotspot purpose, we suggest that you isolate the hotspot, and we are pretty sure that it will work optimally on its own. For this purpose, you need to configure the Google Voice to work with Hangouts or Chat and connect the laptop to the hotspot through Wi-Fi. This way, you will be able to make the calls.

In addition, we suggest that you download the Google Voice app on your smartphone and use Wi-Fi. If these two connection variations work fine for you (test for at least two days), you can connect to OBiTALK, and it will not provide such errors again.

4) SIP Account

Well, this might be out of hand or difficult to harness, but we suggest that you get the IP account from some other network provider. For instance, you can get a free SIP account for dialing through Callcentric. This will help you connect to OBiTALK because they offer extra usage and funding.

5) Wired Connection

While using the OBiTALK and unable to connect to the service or unable to receive the response, we suggest that you opt for the wired connection. For this purpose, you will need to remove the hotspot internet service from the network and connect the OBiTALK device to the wired internet service provider. This step is helpful since it helps get rid of intruding signals.

The bottom line is that OBiTALK is one of the most preferred choices, and long-term working can lead to such issues. So, rebooting regularly should keep the problems at bay. However, you can use the troubleshooting methods from this article to resolve the response issues.

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