4 Ways To Fix AT&T Fiber Not Fast Enough

att fiber not fast
att fiber not fast

AT&T Fiber is the best thing that an average user can get to have a sustained speed that is quite above 100 Mbps per device. It is the same as getting an overall speed of 940 Mbps. That is going to help you a lot and for most of the domestic and small office usage.

AT&T Fiber is not that fast either, but it doesn’t fall below 100 Mbps on a device anyways. If the AT&T Fiber is not working as it should and you are getting slow speed, here are a few things to do.

How To Fix AT&T Fiber Not Fast Enough?

1. Reconnect

At times the problem can be with your modem solely and you don’t have to worry much about getting it to work in the right manner. There are multiple factors that can cause you to face this problem like the modem getting fragmented, or overloaded with too much data going in and out on the modem.

To fix such issues, you should restart the gateway once and then reconnect the devices that you are using with your AT&T Fiber connection. This is going to help you out in the right manner and you will not have to face any sorts of issues or problems on the speed again.

2. Metered Connection

Another reason that can possibly cause you to have such issues is that you might have set the metered connection option on while connecting to your AT&T Fiber network. This could limit the speed for you and you cannot use it in the right manner as you would want to use it.

In order to check that you will have to access the network connection settings and look for metered connection options. After that, you will need to disable the metered connection if it is turned on and that is going to optimally solve all the problems for you without causing you any issues or troubles.

3. VPN

VPN is one of the most major causes that can cause you to face such issues and you will need to get rid of it if you are having any sort of problems that are making you lose speed on your AT&T Fiber network. Make sure that the VPN is disabled to solve the slow speed issues on your AT&T network.

Even if you need to use a VPN and it is critical for the application that you need internet for, it would be better to use a trusted and reliable VPN server with your AT&T Fiber network with stronger data speeds and all such problems will be effectively solved for you.

4. Contact Support

If you are still unable to make it work, you will need to call the support department to get help with this problem. It should be pretty simple and you don’t need to do much about it. There are also no known instances of bandwidth cap on the AT&T network so that is not a problem either. By calling the support department, they are going to look into your account and solve all the problems that you might be having in a better and efficient manner.

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