3 Ways to Fix Gigabyte-GC-Wb867D-I Bluetooth not working

gigabyte gc-wb867d-i bluetooth not working
gigabyte gc-wb867d-i bluetooth not working

Gigabyte is one of the most renowned motherboards, hardware components, and peripherals making brand. They are well-known for their high-performance hardware products that are unbeatable in terms of quality and pricing. While you might not have heard the name so often, you can find Gigabyte components in multiple OEM products that are using their equipment for their branded PCs, laptops, and other devices. Gigabyte manufactures a whole lot of products that lead to the enhanced performance of your PC and provides a better experience with speed, connectivity, and efficiency of your computer.

They are manufacturing storage devices like hard drives and RAM, motherboards, Processors, Graphics cards, networking cards, and more. You can find a whole range of compatible equipment from Gigabyte that is one of the most preferred choices for those who like to build their own PCs for gaming or high-performance utility.


Gigabyte is known all over the world for its communication equipment that can be placed on the board. Their networking cards are impeccable as they are compatible with most major motherboards and provide you with the best possible speed and performance you can expect from any NIC (Network Interface Card). Gigabyte-Wb867D-I is one such networking card that allows you to have the liberty of using a high-speed wireless connection of up to 867 Mbps. For those who prefer to use Wi-Fi on their PCs that do not have on-board Wi-Fi compatibility or want to upgrade the speed, Gigabyte-Wb867D-I is the perfect choice to have.

It does not only help with the Wi-Fi but also has Bluetooth connection that can support 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity with any device. That means you can use Bluetooth Keyboards, mouse, or any other device that you might want at a similar time as you can connect up to 10 Bluetooth devices at once with the card.

Gigabyte-GC-Wb867D-I Bluetooth not working

While Gigabyte develops the best equipment that is testing under harsh conditions for performance. There are chances that you might get some errors in the functioning of the card at your home. These errors can be solved easily by a little troubleshooting at home.

If your Bluetooth is not working on Gigabyte-Wb867D-I your first step should be to check if Wi-Fi is working fine. If that is alright, you have a sign that the card is placed fine and it is working in order. If not, you might need to detach the card from your motherboard and place it properly for it to work in an optimal manner. Don’t forget to turn the PC off properly and have it boot again while trying to do so. However, if the Wi-Fi is working fine and you are having issues with Bluetooth only. Here are somethings that you can do.

1. Check for settings

The first logical step should be to check for the settings of your Bluetooth device. There are tons of settings like Bluetooth being disabled, not in the pairing mode, or hidden visibility to allow other devices to connect. You need to ensure that all these settings are in order. You can also reset all the settings to default in order to have your Bluetooth working again.

2. Check for Drivers

Drivers are the main software that is running any sort of hardware components on your computer. You need to ensure that you are using a driver that is not only compatible with the card but your window as well. If you are using Windows 10, you will need to have it checked in the windows update center. However, if you have an earlier version of windows, you can install the right driver from the Gigabyte website that works with your windows perfectly.

The driver update is something that you should never miss out as developers are constantly working on updating the software to better specs. You can have a better driver updated on your PC to have it work again.

3. Compatibility with the Device

You also need to ensure that the device you are trying to connect with your PC is compatible with 4.2 Bluetooth. You can try connecting a device that you have been using with Bluetooth before on your PC as well.

If nothing of the above solutions works for you, you need to contact Gigabyte so they can diagnose the problem and present you with a workable solution.

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