VoIP Enflick: Explained in Detail

voip enflick
voip enflick

Before the boom of messaging apps that are used to send text messages over the internet, we did not have so many options and smartphones were not as compatible as well. Cross-platform compatibility was a big deal for any application and developers need to work on their app to even upgrade a mobile phone model, rather than a company or a smartphone brand. Back in those days, Enflick gained a fair share of popularity with their Text Now and IM application PingChat. These applications were like an earlier version of WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application around the world these days. These applications made texting a whole lot of fun and faster for users.

The developers, Derek Tink and Jon Lerner worked on a new application Touch that was focused on filtering through your contacts and you can add closes friends and family members to the application whom you want to reach out via text messages easily. The app was in high demand and was one of the very few applications that were free back then.

Enflick then moved on to bring innovation to the industry by introducing one of the very first VoIP service providers in the region. Their VoIP services were a great pleasure to use for the consumers as they did not only bring comfort and peace of mind but also were highly affordable. To understand their services, let’s have a look at VoIP technology and how it works.


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a term used for internet calling. People can make and receive calls on their internet-enabled cellphones or landline phones without needing a regular cellular connection. It works just like an ordinary telephone network and you will not be feeling any difference except of course the quality of connection and no noise or distortion of any kind. To understand what makes calling quality to increase, here is how:

How Does VoIP Enflick Work?

The working of a VoIP network is pretty simple and makes communication more effective for you. It converts the voice from your receiver to digital information that can be transferred over the internet. Due to the conversion of these signals to digital information the speed of communication increases and it is transferred over the world spanning Internet that has almost zero connectivity errors. The information is transferred to the receiver via the internet instead of your regular telephone network where it is connected to voice again.

The process might sound like more complex and time consuming for you but that is not entirely true as you will not even notice slightest of lags or delay in the voice over a VoIP network. The process is much more efficient than regular telephone network or cellular service that you might already be using with no noise, distortion, or delays at all. It is most effective for placing long-distance calls affordably and with better quality. Some top advantages that VoIP Enflick has to offer you are:

1. Affordability

Affordability with traditional telephone lines has been an issue for most businesses where they had to make long-distance or off-shore calls. There are too many exchanges and different telephone service providers involved that would increase the taxes and prices for such calls for you. VoIP allows you to have a better and less expensive solution where you can purchase either bundle for calling or simply pay a lesser price for each call you place over VoIP.

2. Quality

You can have the best call quality possible with VoIP even if you are making calls to a regular mobile network. The information is being transferred over the internet that means no noise or distortion at all. With VoIP the call quality is simply impeccable that would allow you to enjoy a super convenient and the best possible calling experience making it hard for you to go back to regular telephone network ever again.

3. Connectivity

Connectivity is the main concern for any business as regular telephone lines have too many mechanical and electronic components that can cause you trouble to connect. With VOIP the information of your call is being transferred over the internet making it virtually impossible for any sort of electronic failure, weather effects, or any other disturbance affecting the quality of your call.

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