FTDI vs Prolific: What’s The Difference?

ftdi vs prolific
ftdi vs prolific

With the higher need for technology and remote working, the availability of USB has become essential. That’s to say because USBs are regularly used to transfer huge amounts of data from one laptop to another. With this being said, there are various companies offering such products. That’s why we are sharing information about FTDI Vs. Prolific as they are the biggest names in the field. Have a look!

FTDI vs Prolific


FTDI is commonly known as Future Technology Devices International Limited and is a semiconductor device company. They specialize in USB technology. For instance, they have developed, supported, and manufactured the devices, along with the software drivers and cables. Their drivers are designed to convert the serial transmissions to and from the USB signals. Their support is essential, providing immense support to legacy devices even if they are using modern computers.

FTDI has designed the ASIC design services, along with consultancy services of product designing. Truth be told, they specialize the electronic devices. Their most famous product is the chip, which helps enhance the interaction with technology. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that FTDI has designed an extensive range of USB solutions that cater to diverse users’ needs. FTDI uses the de-facto interface in the USBs for connecting the system to a reliable digital link.

The best thing about FTDI USB is that it can be used for devices other than computers. This is why their products can be used in medical, industrial, communications, consumer, and networking niches. As far as the chip is concerned, they offer well-integrated solutions, such as application notes, development tools, and software support. They have ample experience in the USB bridges that promises seamless integration to various interfaces.

The interfaces include UART, GPIO, SPI, FIFO, and more. It helps the bridge convert the signals and protocols from the basic interface to USB. Their USB solutions are usually delivered in the form of packages or modules. This package is easy to insert into the boards for the production and development of cables. When it comes down to the USB solutions, they have designed more than thirty peripheral chips in five families. Also, the FTDI Chip is designed to offer high-speed solutions.

In addition, FTDI has designed various series, such as FT60x, that’s responsible for offering higher data transfers in terms of volume without compromising on the speed. Secondly, they have the H series that offers multi-channel USB bridges with flexible and fast functionality. The bottom line is that FTDI has an extensive range of products to offer, such as USB, Chip, and bridging devices.


As compared to FTDI, Prolific is the top-notch IC designing company. They also provide the ASIC design services for the USB Smart I/O. Their products are suitable for mixed-mode and intelligent green energy-saving sensor solutions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’ve become the pioneers of providing SOC and IC solutions for parallel converters, motor drivers, USB storage devices, power meters, motion-sensing devices, and more.

To begin with, they have SIO, known as Smart IO, which has become an immense success. For instance, they have curated the USBs with the IO interface that helps comply with the advanced computer systems and peripherals. Their USBs tend to provide super-speed solutions in terms of connectivity, printing, and storage. Secondly, there is a Power IoT with this they are helping with eco-friendly designs. Prolific is undergoing the green wave.

That’s to say because they offer high-end SoC solutions that offer simple designs without compromising on integration and accuracy. As a result, the SoC solutions will reduce BOM costs. Thirdly, they have FxH service, which is named as the mixed-mode technology. This technology can be integrated into digital as well as analog circuits. With this being said, they have MEMS production. Prolific integrates the driver IC and hall sensor for designing the highly efficient driver system.

The products and devices designed by Prolific are suitable for bio-sensing, motion recognition and sensing, magnetic sensors, and hall effect sensors. These devices will offer a highly effective and efficient IC. All in all, the reliability factor with the products offer green and eco-friendly functionality.

The bottom line is that both FTDI and Prolific have designed the USB and chip products. However, the implementation and application of their products are for different industries.

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