Frontier Bonded DSL: How Does It Work?

frontier bonded dsl
frontier bonded dsl

Frontier Communications offers Bonded DSL as a solution to the ever-growing problem of increased internet traffic use over the business and personal use. With slow connections and poor line quality, users who do not have access to expensive optic fiber broadband are left with the option to combine multiple ADSL lines to form one single aggregated connection that delivers greater bandwidth capabilities than either of the singular ADSL lines added together and offers enhanced download and upload speeds for all your online activities.

You can combine 2 or even more than 2 ADSL or ADSL2+ connections, offering enhanced network resilience and better load-bearing functions. Optimized for businesses everywhere, this single high-speed connection provides reliable stability and faster connection speeds for your office and the various tasks that need stable internet connectivity to perform.

Frontier Bonded DSL

A Bonded ADSL connection is when multiple traditional ADSL lines are joined together to form one giant tunnel that reduces downtime due to the numerous connections and helps boost data stream speeds over the network. It works by splitting up the data packets to different streams and then sends those data streams over the multiple lines (depending on how many ADSL you connected together).

The data is then reconstructed to its original state before being sent to the greater internet or on to the next node in the network. This process goes the same in both downloading data and uploading it, essentially making for a better data transfer system than your traditional single ADSL connection.

Bonding two or more lines can only be done with a mediatory device – a bonder – that bonds together the broadband-enabled phone lines together and sets up the network of splitting and recombining data streams for more efficient transfers. Each line in the network, with its own modem, connects to the bonder with acts a gateway and handles all requests to the internet through the single ethernet cable.

Along with the bonded lines, Frontier offers a wide range of extra features with the Bonded DSL packages that are highly suitable for businesses and personal use as well and, with increased quality of service provided by the ISP, provides the perfect solution to your internet needs and requirements. With the user so inherently dependent on staying connected, Bonded ADSL networks work perfectly even if one of the bonded lines fails to connect to the internet.

The connection is thoroughly monitored and any issue with a singular line is quickly noted and the data traffic is just easily transferred through another line without any halt in operations or loss in connectivity.

The service provider knows how important it is for businesses to stay connected since most of their work is web-based or stored in the cloud. It even gives extreme IP flexibility to its users so that their connections are tailored to their needs and private IPs along with routed addresses.

A Bonded DSL connection works exceptionally better than a singular one due to better speeds, increased connection stability, and more efficient downlinks and upstreams. Frontier provides all this and more to customers looking for a better online experience with all their needs in mind.

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