Can A Firewall Slow Down Internet Speed? (Answered)

Can A Firewall Slow Down Internet Speed
Can A Firewall Slow Down Internet Speed

When it comes to the endless security of your computer system, firewalls are supposed to act as the first line of defense. They several protective benefits to your computer system. They fight the malware and viruses from attacking to computer’s files.

However, despite being endlessly beneficial for the protection of the computer system, the firewall tends to crash internet connection speed to a great extent. Even a configured Firewall can be a problem causing your internet speed.

Yes, it is quite obvious that firewall slows down internet speed and drag down transmission speeds. But without firewalls, your computer is openly exposed to malicious websites and viruses that could trouble your whole computer system.

What Is a Firewall?

Firewalls are a software program that is created for the security and protection of the computer system. It falls into the distant categories of software and hardware.

Windows XP and Windows 8 are put forward with a distinct firewall program called Windows Firewall. Some of the vendors’ manufacturers have designed standalone hardware firewalls. Because of this firewall, the consumers are encouraged to protect their computer network with the help of a network address translation firewall, which is fitted inside the router.

Functions Of Hardware Firewalls and Software Firewalls:

The functions of Hardware firewalls include the limiting of incoming Ethernet packets, excessively sent over the entire (LAN) local area network. On the other hand, the firewall software disrupts the incoming and outgoing packets on a particular computer.

Disabling Firewalls:

A firewall is a software program that protects your computer system from getting infected with malware and viruses. Disabling firewalls would speed up your internet connection speed but at the same time, it would put your whole system’s security at stake.

Companies that are running a larger business and operating higher technological operations are required to upgrade their firewall and internet speed broadband else the consequences would be worse. Such enterprises do not have a chance to disable the firewalls as they would be at the stake of getting their data exposed to potential hackers. Therefore, buying a new router or modem in the first place would cost them much low.

Moreover, small or large business owners that are obliged to circumvent the firewall have several options. They have the top option of enabling the demilitarized zone feature on their router. This option would help to disable the firewall on the individual computer over the local area network. Another option is turning off real-time protection on the individual’s firewall.

However, to enable such options, one would need to get the proper guidance and follow particular instructions.

Tip For Effective Use Of Firewall:

You are most likely to have your operating system equipped with the firewall for your internet connection. A firewall is an internet security program that is responsible to filter the incoming and outgoing data packets. The purpose behind the creation of a firewall is to design such a software that could prevent the security breaches from invading into your system. Firewalls might not be perfect at it, but to some extent, it does protect your system.

The way Firewall operates is directly proportional to slowing down the user’s potential internet speeds. Therefore, the ultimate tip for using a firewall is simple and straight. It requires the usage of a single firewall in your system at a time. If your computer system has VPN or antivirus installed along with the firewall for the protection purpose, then there are chances that your internet connection speed might undergo major slowdowns. Why? Due to the number of additional layers these services have that result crash in connection speeds.

Therefore, to continue having a speedy internet connection, you would need to use one firewall at a time. In case if you have a VPN downloaded, you would need to turn it off to get good internet speed.

Can A Firewall Slow Down Internet Speed?

Overall, the firewall’s impact on the protection of the computer system is exceptional as it fights malware and viruses quite effectively. On the other hand, the firewall has bad results on internet connection speed.

Firewalls software is supposed to be thoroughly examined before they are used. Because having no firewalls is better than having a firewall that throttles your internet speed along with various streaming services. Therefore, it is very important to get a good quality Firewall. So you can enjoy optimum internet speeds with sufficient safety.

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