FirstNet Review: Is It A Good MVNO?

firstnet review
firstnet review

If you are looking out for some affordable mobile carriers and all the options look too expensive for you, then MVNOs is your next option. MVNO is the abbreviation for Mobile Virtual Network Operator and they are the best affordable solution for any mobile service that allows you to have proper coverage and that too without breaking your bank.

An MVNO basically doesn’t own any towers or network equipment, but they have servers of their own to process all the calls and communications. MVNOs use the towers from other carriers to provide coverage to their subscribers at a cost-efficient tariff.

FirstNet Review

FirstNet is one such MVNO that uses AT&T towers for all the communications. They are renting those towers to install their own communication equipment and broadcasters for their subscribers to have seamless connectivity over the network all around the country. Their network is pretty great and works out flawlessly, but if you are looking out for reviews to understand what their service will mean for you as a subscriber, here is a detailed account of all the major factors that can help you make a better decision for yourself.


If you are considering an MVNO carrier such as FirstNet, affordability is undoubtedly your main concern. While there are some other MVNO options for you out there that can offer you plans that might look more affordable and reasonable for you, but you need to know that FirstNet is worth each penny that you will be paying for. Given the AT&T network backing up all the communications, it is worth a shot and you can try out their services. For the amount being paid, and services you are getting, it is the right combination of better support, connectivity, and affordability as FirstNet will cost you a lot lesser than most networks out there.

Network Coverage

Network coverage should also be a considering factor for you if you are looking for a new carrier for your mobile phone. A carrier without the right coverage is no good and you have no use for it if you are unable to stay connected with your mobile phone at all times.

Since FirstNet uses AT&T towers, you can expect network coverage that is somehow closer to AT&T but it doesn’t match the level. FirstNet rents their towers but not all of them and you might have to face some issues with coverage in remote or rural areas. However, if you are living in some urban region and don’t plan on traveling much, you will never have to worry about the network coverage on FirstNet.

Signal Strength

Having optimal coverage doesn’t mean that you will also have the right signal strength at all times. You can have enough coverage to make and receive calls, but that cannot be right to use the internet or have clarity over the calls. So, this is a negative that you will have to deal with at times. Sometimes networks can be busy or for any other reason signal strength can be low.

While there are no regular issues with the signal strength on FirstNet, but they can appear on and off, so if you are looking for a network that is reliable under stress and you can use it without any thoughts on your mind, FirstNet might not be the choice for you.


Internet on mobile phones have become a necessity and you cannot simply live without it. Not only it allows you to access the web and other applications on your smartphone but you will also be getting the right edge of some value-added features with the right internet connectivity.

FirstNet has some great and affordable features for Internet and data plans that will allow you to have the right edge of the service. However, you will be missing out on 5G as it is not released yet on FirstNet and speed is not reliable either. So, if you are looking for some carrier that has good internet as well, you will have to spend some more bucks.

Customer Support

Customer Support is another major factor in any mobile carrier that you should think about. While FirstNet customer support is not lousy, it is not exceptional either. You can expect a mediocre level of support and your issues will be resolved sooner or later.

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