5 Ways To Fix Extended Stay America Slow Internet

extended stay america slow internet
extended stay america slow internet

Extended Stay America has been providing a robust internet connection for its consumers for ages. However, the number of complaints has been increasing with time regarding the excessively slow internet speed. The top reason for such awful speeds can be a large number of audiences accessing to the same Wi-Fi connection all at once. The huge traffic and poor connectivity can never go together. This is the topmost reason for Extended Stay America hotel’s internet to go sufficiently down.

Many have claimed that Extended Stay America has not invested much in the superior quality of hardware and internet connection broadband due to which their consumers are suffering and suffering extremely bad. However, we propose you upgrade your internet connection if you plan to stay in a hotel for any longer.

Factually, we all have enough idea of how getting an internet connection with the sufficient is too hard in hotels. It is quite upsetting that most of the hotels just brought up the offerings of free fast internet connection to lure you into booking your rooms in their honest. Although you can still browse fast with our proposed troubleshooting steps. All of the solutions are 100% tested to be accurate.

Ways To Fix Extended Stay America Slow Internet

Fast connection speeds especially when you have prolonged stays in the hotel is very crucial. It helps you stay updated with your workload as well as connects you with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the hotel stayers have been facing drifts in an internet connection. Different users face different problems. Following are some effective troubleshooting ways that would immensely help several hotel residents get rid of slow internet speeds:

1) Upgrade Your Internet

If you want to kill the slow internet issue once and for all, we would highly recommend you to upgrade your internet speed. It is a long term solution. Although the usual Wi-Fi Extended Stay America provides is free and can be quite slow but you can upgrade it to make your internet experience four times faster.

Here’s how you upgrade the internet with Extended Stay America:

  • Navigate to the webpage of Extended Stay America.
  • Select the upgrade option.
  • Scroll down the webpages one by one.
  • Look out for the premium upgrade packages.
  • Select the one that suits you.
  • Pay up for the selected package offer.
  • Clear your required charges.

Now you are all set to use your upgraded internet connection and make your hotel stay much enjoyable.

After making certain changes to your upgrade, do not forget to click on the upgrade icon once you log in to your Wi-Fi server.

However, if the above-prescribed upgrading method does not work, you can make use of the alternate method of contacting them directly. You can get in contact with them via emails and calls for the upgrade. They will immediately send the upgrade after clearing charges.

2) Use Ethernet Cables

If the hotel is offering Ethernet cable for wired internet connection, make proper use of it immediately. Wired internet connection would supply 10X better internet speeds than the Wi-Fi ones.

By reaching to the hotel’s business centers, you can easily get yourself a robust Ethernet connection for faster speeds.

3) Keep Data Internet

To be on the safer side of the things, always keep sufficient data with yourself on your mobile phones. No one wants to miss out on the updates, therefore consuming data would help you a lot.

4) Use Cell Phone Tethering

Make sure to contact your local sim with tethering capabilities along with 4G LTE. It happens rarely but mobile tethering might help you connect to the faster internet connection.

5) Use Fast Serving VPN Connection

Using a VPN connection is an underrated troubleshooting solution to slow internet speeds in hotels but it can be quite helpful at occasions. A good quality VPN such as Speedify would route as much data as possible via the Wi-Fi connection to keep your data usage at a minimum.


Experiencing slowdowns in the internet connectivity while you are staying in Extended Stay America hotel, is justified because of a huge number of audiences surfing at once. The above-prescribed troubleshooting steps would be a lot helpful for you to take this issue under control. Although, we would personally recommend you to upgrade your Wi-Fi speed or simply switch to mobile data.

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