8 Ways To Fix Cincinnati Bell Slow Internet Speed

cincinnati bell internet speed slow
cincinnati bell internet speed slow

Cincinnati Bell has been actively providing the best internet connection out there. However, it has been quite some things are going rough with their internet speed. The broadband has been constantly failing to provide the best speeds. There can be several factors of the issue. Most probably you have not placed your internet equipment properly and maybe the problem straight up lies with your broadband.

In case, if you are not ceasing to experience the spontaneous downturns in your internet speed, consider contacting the Cincinnati Bell broadband. However, it has been tested that most probably users are experiencing troubles due to several other factors.

In this article, we will be giving our deep insight into troubleshooting steps that can actively wipe out slow internet issues. The prescribed troubleshooting steps are 100% tested with the benchmark.

What Is Cincinnati Bell?

Cincinnati Bell is one trusted telecommunication company that provides high-quality services in the regions of Cincinnati and Ohio. The company is broadly offering wireless internet, phone, and television services to small businesses, large enterprises, and individuals. Internet connection is provided via ADSL broadband, dial-up, and Fiber Optic cables. Moreover, Cincinnati Bell is mastered in providing mobile phone services.

For those users who have been constantly facing slow internet connection, here are some effective troubleshooting steps that would possibly fasten their slow internet speeds.

Ways To Troubleshoot Cincinnati Bell Slow Internet Speed?

Follow these troubleshooting steps for a long term solution:

  1. Run A Speed Test:

Running a speed test for your internet connection can be very helpful. By carrying out a proper speed test, one would get to know if the real problem lies with their network issue or it is their Wi-Fi slowdowns.

You are recommended to carry out the speed test using a wired internet connection. Why? Because the speed results would be highly accurate and less time-consuming.

  1. Restart Your Device:

Most of the time just restarting your device can save you big troubles and struggles. Make sure to disconnect the internet connection and switching it on again after you restart your device. However, if it does not help, you can proceed to further tests.

  1. Replace Your Router Or Modem:

Your internet connection speed can get down to a great extent if your router or modem is poorly placed. We can generalize that it is not always the network issue of Cincinnati Bell. Try placing your router at a higher position so that the signal reaches each corner of the house.

Do not change the position of your router after the Cincinnati Bell’s service providers have installed it in your home.

  1. Avoid Interference:

Sometimes the interfering objects like concrete etc can be great problem causers. Try to keep your router away from such interfering surfaces. Make sure to place the router where the airflow reaches and it does not get over-heated. Such physical barriers are potentially much harmful to your internet speed than any other factor.

  1. Upgrade Old Versions Of Software:

Strangled up in slow internet connection, we barely get the idea that old versions of the software are the actual problem causers. No matter how much you spend to have the best internet speed, old versions of the software wouldn’t let you enjoy the fast speeds. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade them as soon as possible.

  1. Replace Outdated Devices:

Outdated and expired systems and devices would never let you browse internet connection fast. You are recommended to immediately switch to the latest devices for best internet speeds.

  1. Switch To Wired Internet Connection:

Factually, wired internet connection works much faster than the wireless ones. Why? Because of their closed connectivity to your device via the Ethernet cable. Try to switch to an Ethernet connection for improved internet speed.

  1. Disconnect Multiple Devices:

Connecting to multiple devices with a single broadband service can drastically affect your internet speed. The distribution of internet connection to several devices drags down your internet speed to a higher extent. Make sure to disconnect the devices from the internet that are not being used.


All of the troubleshooting solutions prescribed above are immensely helpful in troubleshooting the Cincinnati Bell slow internet. In case if none of the solutions works, you can always contact their broadband for further details.

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