3 Methods For Resolving Orbi DNS Problems

orbi dns problems
orbi dns problems

Netgear is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best networking products for its users. The company has a huge lineup of IT-related products that help you in setting up a safe network at your home or office. You can check most of the devices available by the company by checking out their official website. Although, you should note that one of the most popular products that have recently been gaining attention is the Orbi device.

This lets people create a small network of devices inside their homes. Once you have connected all of your routers and networks to the Orbi device, these will all then be created into a single network. This helps in having a connection that will work no matter how much you move around in your house. With that being said, people have also been reporting some issues with the product. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems with the Orbi DNS as well as ways to fix them.

Orbi DNS Problems

1. Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting

Having an internet connection set up in your home can be amazing. Although, if you notice that your network keeps disconnecting while you are changing rooms then this can be quite frustrating. The Orbi device is made to solve this problem but if you are still getting the same issue then your equipment might not be set up properly.

One of the main reasons why this could happen is if you had not configured your network correctly. There might be some routers that were switched on while you were trying to start the Orbi device. This prevents the entire network from functioning, but you can easily fix the issue by resetting the network.

You can do this easily by removing the power cables for all of your routers one by one. Now keep them switched off for a few minutes and then start powering them back on. Once all of them are back up, your Wi-Fi should now start working perfectly without any disruptions.

2. DNS Settings Require Update

Sometimes when trying to use your Orbi device, people might notice that they are getting slow speeds. Alternatively, the network might get disconnected in between. This usually happens when there is a new DNS update for the configurations on this device.

When it comes to this, you should note that the only thing you have to do is update your settings. This can be done easily by opening the control panel for your router. The link for this should usually be “routerlogin.com”. Once you open this up, the website will ask you to provide your account credentials. The default password and username for your account are provided below the device but if you had changed these then you can use your new details to log in.

Now browse through the options and find the DNS section. Proceed through the options and now select the “Advanced tab”. This should have all the features of your DNS feature as well as the option to update its configurations. Click on it and wait patiently for the network to update, after which your device should start working again without any further problems.

3. Faulty Device or Network

When it comes to setting up your Orbi device, the entire process is quite simple. However, you should note that there are a lot of problems that you can run into with it. These only appear when you try changing the advanced settings for your network.

While some of these features can be amazing, it is important to note that proper knowledge is required when configuring them. This is why it is recommended that you only change options that you are familiar with. If you are interested in setting up other features, then you can ask someone to help you out or follow a guide.

If you have already changed the configurations and your device is now running into problems. Then you only have two options that can be used to fix the error. One of these involves resetting your Orbi device which will remove all of the changes you had made. Alternatively, you can contact the support team for Orbi and ask them to help you out with the process.

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